Katt Williams Gets Arrested, Claims It Was Just A Misunderstanding

By: Taren Vaughan

Katt Williams has made a name for himself over the years in the entertainment industry. And made his presence clearly known for sure when it comes to the world of comedy. From his popular movie role playing “Money Mike”, the neighborhood pimp, in the movie “Friday After Next” and performing on stage at sold out stand up shows across the county, the animated funnyman has made a living off of bringing comic relief to his fans that can’t get enough of him. Katt has been pretty quiet on the scene for these days, much of that people attribute to some major bumps in the road that he hit, some including his troubles with the law. It has also been rumored numerous times that Katt Williams is now struggling financially too, Katt eventually speaking out on the matter, letting folks know that his pockets were just fine despite what was being said. As Katt Williams is known for delivering the jokes, what happened to him most recently definitely was no joking matter at all. According to TMZ, he got himself caught up yet again, this time at a night spot out in Hollywood that landed him in the back of a police car:

Katt Williams was hauled in by LAPD early this morning for a possible gun violation at a Hollywood nightclub.

Law enforcement sources tell us police got a call around 1AM that someone was brandishing a gun outside Supperclub … and when officers arrived on scene a witness identified Katt as the suspect.

We’re told police did not find a gun on Katt, but when they found one in his car — Katt and two other members of his entourage were taken into custody for questioning.

Police have since released one of the men, and booked another on an unrelated traffic warrant.

Katt is still being held.

His detainment didn’t last too long though. TMZ was later informed that Katt himself was released and faced no charges from the incident, Katt claiming that it was all one big misunderstanding. They also reported that the gun was not registered and police were still in search of who it belonged to.



  1. Where has Katt been? I know he almost went crazy and then I saw footage of him getting into it at some Young Jeezy concert in 2011. I saw clips of his latest comedy special and he was like he never took a long break.

    Anywho, I am glad he did not get a charge from this incident. I know it will make for some great material for his stand up.

  2. Show em how to beat the rap Katt and shout out to the person that thought it was Katt with the gun. I guess all black people look alike still.

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