Kim’s Relationship With Kanye is Making Her Look Bad, So She Starts Damage Control

kanye and kim

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West stated dating in April, and while the it appeared that couple could become Hollywood’s next “it” couple, the relationship has had many blunders in the press since the two went public. One of the couple’s recent embarrassing moments would have to be Kanye’s erratic response to pap that asked Kim about her ex beau Reggie Bush. Reggie, who just confirmed that he is having his first baby with his girlfriend, has been a hot topic on the blogs since he made the announcement, causing many to speculate that Kim Kardashian was bitter that her ex would be starting a family before she did. Regardless, Kanye didn’t seem to like that the pap asked Kim if she had congratulated Reggie on his baby on the way, and he then proceeded to lounge at the female pap and attempted to take her camera away. Although Kim appeared to be smirking as the entire situation went down, it would be Reggie Bush and his girlfriend who would have the last laugh. As we recently reported, according to the latest gossip, Reggie Bush and his girlfriend Lilit Lilit Avagyan were said to find Kanye’s reaction absolutely hilarious and pretty much pathetic.

Kim Kardashian loves press, but unfortunately for Kim, the media has been ripping Kanye to shreds about his treatment of a female pap who simply asked a question about one of Kim’s ex boyfriends. It also doesn’t help that the press doesn’t seem to like Kanye’s treatment of Kim. On numerous occasions, the mainstream press has even claimed that Kanye is too controlling of her. From the way she dresses, to her hair choices, and weight issues. So that power couple relationship Kim hoped she would have with Kanye isn’t exactly what she wanted it to be. And the relationship seems to be making Kim look bad. And according to the latest gossip, she’s on a mission to fix that.

It’s always been assumed that Kanye is currently dressing Kim Kardashian. Kim’s style has drastically changed, and definitely not for the better. Since Kim started dating Kanye, she’s gone from the best dressed list, to a regular on the worst dressed one. And Kanye even appeared on an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, in which he was seen throwing out Kim’s old wardrobe and telling her that her clothes were “ghetto.”

Kanye has also proven that he likes his women to dress a certain way, and that means hardly at all. Even when he dated Amber, she was naked quite a bit. But when the whole fiasco went down with Kanye and the female pap the other day, Kim wore a sheer skirt and it appeared that she also had no underwear on. The media slammed the reality star for her “tasteless” ensemble, as well as Kanye’s classless reaction to the pap.

The latest gossip says that Kim will be in full PR mode and the reality star will be doing plenty of interviews to do damage control to save her relationship and rid it of it’s horrible reputation. In the process, she’ll have to make Kanye look less like a fashion dictator and rude jerk.

So even though it’s been confirmed that Kanye is styling Kim, she told Life & Style that her rapper boyfriend is too busy to style her.

She says:

He has amazing taste,”…she told Life & Style magazine at an event for her Khroma Beauty line. “Kanye has better style than I do!”

“But Kanye doesn’t style me,… He’s a little too busy to be my stylist.”

“I wanted a change to reflect the growth that I’ve feel I’ve had over the past year,” she said. “I’m old and more mature.”

“I asked him to introduce me to new stylists and designers [including Givenchy and Lanvin] to help me get the more sophisticated vibe I was going for,” she said.

“I’ve made tons of fashion mistakes, but they are fun to look back at. Fashion is fun, and I love to try new things and take risks.”


  1. This is one Kim’s biggest mistakes. I knew this relationship would be a disaster. She’s trying so hard to save face, but I know she wishes she could just go back to Reggie. There’s nothing loveable about Kanye.

  2. Kanye must have told her to diffuse those styling rumors because its backfiring for him. No one wants to wear something Kanye designs. Don’t you remember those ugly azz shoes he designed that k. karskutian loves to wear?

  3. I believe Kim on this. This is not damage control at the least bit. The two seem genuinely happy and do seem to feel that they need our approval, which they do not.

    Love u Kim!

    1. You do not think this is damage control. Sweetie, open your eyes and look around. Their empire is crumbling and they are at heaux-con 4 right now.

  4. LOL, people hated Kanye before he was with Kim. Did she really think they would be the next Hov and Bey? Come on now.

  5. Kim, I don’t think anyone cares. You wanted to be with douche, so be with him. But you can’t change how people feel about him. Either stop caring or date someone else. The lies are obvious.

  6. Kim used to be fly as hell. But she’s always been a weak woman when it comes to men. She knows good damn well that Kanye is behind her tacky dressing. Look how he dressed Amber. Don’t lie bish. -_-

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