Whitney Houston’s Sister in Law Pat Houston Says She’s Not Exploiting Her & Shades Bobby Brown

pat houston shady

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Is Pat Houston shady? Well according to the opinions of most, Whitney Houston’s sister in law is a little on the shady side, and many feel she is exploiting the death of the legendary singer who passed away tragically earlier this year. Although Pat Houston’s shady ways have only merely been rumored, many have held on to the assertion by her alleged behavior since the singer’s passing. Many felt it was in poor taste for Pat Houston to try to seek some sort of celebrity status through Whitney’s death. Since Whitney’s death, Pat has had several interviews and even been said to have gotten into an argument with Bobbi Kristina about who would be the one to speak during one of Whitney’s tributes. But it would be the family’s upcoming reality show that would make Pat Houston’s shady ways a topic of conversation again.

Although Pat Houston being shady is only based off opinions, many feel a reality show can only hurt Pat’s reputation even more. It’s been confirmed that Bobbi Kristina, Pat Houston and several others of the Houston family have secured their own reality show on A&E. The Houstons: On Our Own is set to premiere this Wednesday, and there is growing chatter that Pat Houston is exploiting Whitney’s Death through the show to establish her own celebrity status.

Well Pat Houston says she is not shady, and she even claims that the show is in no way a means to exploit Whitney Houston’s death.

She says:

“It’s not like that at all. A little over two years ago we shot a pilot called ‘Power Brokehers,’ with the ‘hers’ because it was about successful women and how they balance different parts of their lives.

She was one of the those women, and a number of Houston family members participated. That included Gary Houston, who is Whitney’s brother and Pat’s husband; Pat’s and Gary’s teenage daughter Rayah; and Whitney’s older teenage daughter, Bobbi Kristina, known as Krissy.

The original concept, says Pat Houston, was a positive show focusing on the ways women and their families work together.

Of course, Pat Houston could not deny shady claims without shading Bobby Brown in the process:
“It was not anything like Bobby Brown’s show.”


Although Pat Houston promises that the show will be more positive than Bobby’s, many people still feel that Pat Houston is shady for taking it upon herself to create a reality show the same year of Whitney Houston’s death.


  1. I still think she’s shady. It was weird to me that she felt like she needed to be on the stage during Whitney’s funeral and her tributes. Who the hell is she?

  2. Right Pat. She can shade Bobby all she wants to but I do think he cared more about Whitney than Pat did. At least he still gets up and tries to make his own money. Pat still relies on Whitney to pay her bills.

    1. What is Patricia Houston job. What is her background.Everything is surrounding Whitney Houston and her wealth. What did she bring to the table so to speak? I’m not putting her down, but what does she have beside the Houston family wealth? God bless the family.

  3. She’s an opportunist. Period. And by the looks of things, she always has been. She has no room to throw shade at Bobby.

  4. It doesn’t matter what Pat says. Everyone can see the situation for what it is. She’s exploiting Whitney and she was doing it while she was alive as well. She’s a leach and still intent on living on this woman even though she’s dead. It was not tasteful for this family to do a show but hey, money talks. Some people just don’t have any shame.

  5. I’ve been looking at Pat sideways ever since the picture leaked of Whitney in her casket. I don’t know her intentions, but when you see the drama that has come about since Whitney’s passing, it illustrates how death is more of a blessing than anything else. I’m sure as much as family, friends, and fans miss Whitney, she’s looking down at all this b.s. thanking the high heavens she was finally removed from it all. Taking that into consideration, my heart only goes out to Cissy, because this has got to be difficult for her to witness and endure. But that family is going to self-destruct itself……

  6. she didnt try to uncover how whitney got drugs in her hotel room . she was in charge of the crew. how u dont question how she got drugs is beyond me and then u do a reality show 3 mths after the funeral. it spells shady shady shady. she has a bad auora

  7. I don’t understand why she let her husband Gary change his last name to Houston leaving his children by his first wife no legal birthright. Can they change their last name too? You should be proud of who you are, and your legal birthright name is important to those who come before and after you. Was it a business decision or done as result of sister being famous.

  8. I honestly feel like Pat is doing nothing wrong. She is trying her best with Krissy and she is trying to keep everything in order. I love her. Oh and Houston is Gary’s real last name

  9. Whitney did not make Pat Houston manager of her estate. Cissy Houston is over the estate. Cissy Houston turned the business dealing over to Pat houston as far as the estate. So if Cissy see wrong doing Pat can be pulled off of anything concerning her estate or anything Whitney houston. And she deff needs Chrissy, Crissy is left everything. She’s pretending to care more about Chrissy then her own daughter and husband. She’s a mess conniving and a sneak. She done even threw Whitney under the bus on the sneak a few times durning the show. She cares nothing about Krissy and didnt care nothing about Whitney she’s only trying to make sure she keep the money rolling in. Whitney is gone so now she using her daughter to do so. If Cissy or Chrissy decided to drop Pat today thats what will happen the 20% and all will be gone. I feel sorry for Krissy I hope she sees that her Aunite Pat only sees her as a dollar sign. Pat houston i controlling and just a big mess. You really walked out on your husband and daughter like that. GET REAL there is deff motives behind that. She sees nothing with the last name houston but a dollar sign. I dont like her at all and dont trust her.

  10. I concur with everything that Danielle states. Pat is a scurvy fame whore. She has been a member of Whitney’s inner circle for years. Did she ever explain why she spent 2/11 ignoring her ‘money trains’ calls all day? Whitney died on her, Gary’s and Ray’s watch. Didn’t she have a clue about the ongoing drug abuse that had to have been occurring under her forehead. What other business/job has she held in the past 20 years? I mean, other than the business of Whitney Houston or the ‘decorative candle” gig that she engaged in initially with Raffles van Excel, the cretin that took the casket photo of Whitney, that he sold for millions to the National Enquirer? I wonder if she arranged same and got a cut of the proceeds. What did he, van Excel, remove from the suite prior to the arrival of the first responders and police before slinking downstairs to party on Whitney’s tickets. Pat is the lowest of the low. An ignorant b**** who played games and harassed Gary’s first wife incessantly after becoming involved with him. She probably had a hand in his estrangement from his children of that marriage. Those family members who failed to protect her in life, failed to protect her in death. Are we going to stroke her ego, her delusions of grandeur, and continue to support this train wreck as she ruins the next life she’s charged with protecting? Give her the back of your hand and allow her to slink back under the rock she climbed out from.

  11. Something about Pat Houston that bothers me since Whitney’s death. I don’t know what it is but still til this day I feel like she had something to do with Whitney’s death. I don’t know why but its a gut feeling of mine.

  12. That Pat with no Houston blood what so ever is a sneaky
    conniving wicked woman. You must be smart for only smart people can see
    her sneaky role in everything
    negative on the show. Bobbi is smarter
    than the average bear also as I saw Bobbi Kristina smartly wiggle her
    way out of Pat’s tricks over and over again on the show. (girl’s trip.
    lol.) Pat didn’t try and stop Krissy becase she wanted her doped up to control her.
    Bobbi saw through Pat and her fake cousin who dopey Gary
    threatened not to date a white boy( honey I don’t think he has nothing
    to worry about. lol). Will the media and everyone just stop saying Nick
    is her brother?. They are obviously really in love something Pat knows
    nothing about since Gary only comes across as a just another
    convenience in her life. Pat should have realized their love for each
    other and help nurture and encouraged them both as she knew they were
    going to be together no matter what anyone said. Instead she chose to
    use witchy poo tricks to try and drive a wedge between them. Krissy and
    Nick can see straight through her and I laughed every time Krissy beat
    Pat at her own game and always ended up with Nick in the end. She needed
    to get away from around these hanger on losers. They all seem to be on something
    especially Gary. Why is Whitney’s body guard still hanging around he
    couldn’t even guard Whitney. Pat Houston doesn’t care about any of them
    she seems to manipulate ALL of them except Nick and Krissy. I know she is the one who set Gary and the body guard up to attack Nick. They don’t want anyone getting in between them and her money. Don’t be stupid people.. Whitney probably provided for Nick in her will since she considered him her son so why would he have a motive to harm Krissy?. He was obviously in love with her. Krissy and Nick were on to Pat, but pretended not to notice her sneakiness and did what they wanted to anyway. Pat is in for a rude awakening if something should happen to Krissy because Bobby Brown is the next of kin.


  14. Someone needs to request an audit of the money left to Bobbi Kristina to see how her Aunt Pat is really spending it. How is Pat and her husband making their living now since Whitney has died. They have a beautiful house; their daughter is in one of the best private schools so who is paying for all of this. I never did think she had Whitney or Bobbi Kristina’s best interest except for dollar signs. If they ever pull the plug on Bobbi Kristina, sparks will fly between Pat and Bobby Brown over the money left behind.

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