Cops Know Who Killed Run DMC’s Jam Master Jay, But Can’t Get Witnesses to Talk

jam master jay killer

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Who is Jam Master Jay’s killer? The murder of Run DMC’s Jam Master Jay was one of the most shocking blows to Hip Hop. Perhaps it is because Run DMC always worked hard to never associate with the typical gangsta lifestyle of the Hip Hop culture, so it was only more devastating that Jay would die by violence, the one thing the group always shied away from in their music. Jam Master Jay’s, just like Biggie and Tupac, death has remained unsolved. Approaching the 10 year mark of his murder, no one has been charged for the crime. Jam Master’s Jay killer is still free. Many suspect that the cops just aren’t doing their jobs and looking for the proper leads. But according to the police department, the main cause of the unsolved case is a lack of witnesses to come forward. It appears that the no snitching policy has kept this case open for a decade.

The cops also informed New York Daily News that they have a pretty good idea who one of the killers are. But because they can’t get any of the witnesses to talk, they weren’t able to bring any of this before a judge.

Vincent Santangelo, the head detective of the case, says that despite offering a $60,000 reward, they just weren’t able to get anyone to come forward with any solid tips to confirm a suspect.

Here’s the report from New York Daily News :

Santangelo, a 22-year vet, and his team spent years chasing scores of leads that sometimes brought him to cities across the country. No arrests have been made, but Santangelo believes that could change with the help of a good tipster — who can collect a $60,000 reward if there’s a conviction.

But the sources, who spoke to the News last week, said they’ve already fingered one of Mizell’s killers, but making an arrest been hampered by reluctant witnesses and bad press.

“We just never had enough to make it stick,” said one of the sources.

Investigators suspect career criminal Ronald Washington was either the lookout or the gunman. The hit was likely ordered after Mizell — who owed up to $500,000 to the IRS — refused to settle a decade-old drug debt with his old friend Curtis Scoon, the sources said.

“She was credible. She was a witness who we vetted,” said one source. “We had enough to bring it to a judge.”

High, who allegedly buzzed the killers into Mizell’s studio, said Washington was one of the killers, but she later recanted.

“She (also) changed her story three or four times after,” another source said.

Neither Washington nor Scoon, who now lives in Georgia, was ever charged.

“As time goes by, he becomes less and less of a suspect,” said Scoon’s lawyer, Marvyn Kornberg. “He’s moved on with his life.”


  1. It’s a damn shame that people don’t want to bring peace to this man’s family because they don’t want to be a snitch.

    1. I’m not taking up for the foolishness but sometimes people don’t come forward because they are in fear of their lives. They might feel like they too could be killed if they tell the cops anything. IJS.

  2. Damn. I thought they just weren’t trying to seriously look for his killer. It’s sad to know that there real hold up is people refusing to come forward and tell what they know.

  3. It been 10 years?! Wow. We lost so may greats in Hip Hop over some BS. It’s crazy because I feel like losing them was the beginning of the end of Hip Hop.

  4. No one is going to come forward. I’m just saying the truth. Suge and them watching Pac get murdered and they saw who did it. And til this day, they won’t talk to the cops. It’s just how it is. Sad, but the reality.

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