Comedian Faizon Love Says Katt Williams is on Crack

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Is Katt Williams on crack? Comedian Faizon Love seems to think so, but it’s possible that he only feels that way because the two are currently beefing something nasty right now. In fact, just recently, Katt Williams was arrested for brandishing a gun outside of a nightclub. Although he was eventually freed and was not charged for anything, Faizon Love says that Katt actually pulled a gun out on him. Katt Williams denied the claims, but Faizon stands by them and says their “disagreement” stems from the fact that Katt owes him $50,000. Many suspected that the $50,000 could perhaps mean that Katt Williams is broke and suffering from financial difficulties. But in a recent interview, Faizon says the $50,000 owed to him is really from a failed joint tour he had with Katt Williams. According to Faizon, Katt kept using his name to promote the tour, although he quit the show.

Faizon claims he had to abruptly leave the tour due to Katt’s alleged erratic behavior.  He says Katt was going around hitting women and randomly going off on people. The comedian also seems to believe that Katt was jealous that he was actually funnier on stage.

But he also dropped a bombshell. According to Faizon Love, Katt Williams is also on drugs. Specifically, he claims that Katt is on crack. He feels that it is this alleged drug use that is causing Katt’s unusual behavior.

During an interview with Power 99 Rise And Grind:

“We was doing a tour and this fool was…I decided to get off the tour because he was slapping people and beating up women. I was like, I ain’t with that. So I dropped the tour. But he kept my name on the tour like I was still on the tour. But he was touring with other people. But I left the tour because I was like, ‘Nah, you can’t be disrespecting people.’ These people don’t want to see all that craziness.

What was really going on is he couldn’t follow me, so he started all this madness. He couldn’t follow me on stage. That’s what was really going on. So I would get on stage, and blow the sucker off stage and the great Katt Williams was sitting there looking stupid over his crack pipe.”

Of course we don’t know how true these claims are, for all we know, Faizon could just be salty about the money situation and citing drug use out of spite with no facts.

Regardless, here’s the clip of the interview:


  1. Of course he’s on crack. The industry is hard enough, but imagine how it is for recovering drug addicts. Just sayin.

  2. Been hearing this for a good minute. But I’m starting to think it’s true now. He’s too erratic not to be on something.

  3. I just seen Katt Williams in Oakland, CA. And he is definetly on some sort of crazy drug. He has gon wacko for real

  4. i do not believe katt wiliams is on drugs at all he is a good comedian on of the best and does not have a prejudice bones in his body katt if you read this i am behind you

  5. i think there pretty bored with them self to start bring some sh-t like this up , if he is then get him help or try dont front him off to his fans ,that not right !!!! he still cool and i will always be his fan ,people should look at there own self frist ,

  6. wow,how people can front some off like if there perfect ,get him help but as far as u trying to put him down nope ,he cool and i always be fan ,people are not perfect,

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