Kim Zolciak’s & Kandi Burruss’ Friendship Destroyed Due to Kim Talking Reckless About Kandi’s New Home

By: A.J. Niles

The upcoming season of Real Housewives of Atlanta may prove to be the best one yet. The season 5 preview of RHOA featured two new ladies to the cast to replace the loss of Sheree Whitfield and Marlo Hampton (still just a rumor), and featured the cast engaging in various conflicts that possibly culminated into a big fight amongst the cast that NeNe Leakes attempted to break up. However, that preview clip may not be the juiciest information flowing about the season.

According to sources, that latest rumor is that Kim Zolciak and Kandi Burruss will have a major falling out early in the season. This will be surrounding Kim’s behavior at Kandi’s home in Southwest Atlanta.

In Kim’s second scene she and Sweetie go out to see Kandi’s new house. Kandi’s house is in Cascade Heights where Former mayors Shirley Franklin and Andrew Young live. Hank Aaron also lives in the neighborhood. Kandi’s house is huge and is actually two separate houses on one lot. But it’s not good enough for Kim. Kim and Sweetie talk about locking their doors when they got off the interstate. Kim makes some decorating suggestions while not so subtly insulting the house. Kim wanted to make it clear that Kandi bought a foreclosed home, as if that was somehow a bad thing. Kandi paid cash for the house. It has an INDOOR POOL. Wait until you see what Kim has to say about that. People will be blogging about racism, for sure. Oh, and Kim practically named the baby after the neighborhood she doesn’t like!

ROHA premieres November 4th on Bravo.


  1. Well cold, the show is full of birds so Kim fits right in. However, It is trifling and borderline racist to act the way Kim did, if it is true.

  2. So Kim, who got evicted out of her home talkin greasy bout Kandi’s new home? What a spiteful, arrogant Cow looking hussy. I now have no sympathy for Kim. Isn’t she treatin her mom greasy too? Trifling!

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