Rihanna’s Best Friend Confirms She Refers to Karrueche As ‘Rice Cake’

rihanna karrueche beef

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The Rihanna and Karrueche beef obviously isn’t over. And with Chris splitting his time between both women these days, why would it be? For a split second, it did look like Chris and Rihanna were back together, especially since the twosome were spotted together at a party over the weekend, but then a couple days later, Chris was spotted with Karrueche again. As we recently reported, Chris Brown was spotted at a gas station with Karrueche. In the photo ops, Chris was seen waiting in a car, while his bodyguard handed her some cash. The paps originally claimed it was for gas money, but we’re not sure anymore how accurate those reports are. Especially since there were no photos of her pumping gas. But only photos of her walking out of the store. It was even said that Karrueche was headed to the studio with Chris, but it was confirmed that she was actually on the way to one of Chris’ video shoots. She was photographed on set of the video with Chris by TMZ. So of course now the Rihanna and Karrueche beef is at the highest of levels.

Yesterday, it appears that the BFF’s have decided to throw down on Instagram. Rihanna’s BFF Melissa Forde went off on one of Karruche’s supporters (many suspect it was really her BFF Seiko under a fake account that has now been deleted), but accidentally confirmed that Rihanna’s reference to a “rice cake”  in “Birthday Cake” was indeed a snipe at Karrueche.

I guess that’s not really surprising, since she tweeted this earlier this year:

rihanna rice cake

Here’s the photos, courtesy of the good people over at Bossip.

Melissa starts it off, and Karrueche’s friend claps back:

rihanna and karrueche beef

Then Melissa lets her know she doesn’t mind taking the beef off of Instagram, since she’s about that life. She also refers to Karrueche (who is Vietnamese and African American) as “Rice Cake.”

karrueche and rihanna beef

Both Rihanna and Karrueche have been been pretty silent while there friends have been going back and fourth on Twitter for the last few days. But yesterday, both tweeted the bare minimum about the Instagram war:


rihanna and karrueche beef


Karrueche was said to have tweeted “LMAO” before promptly deleting it.


Meanwhile, Chris Brown has said and done nothing. Hmm…


  1. All these girls look stupid. Rihanna takes the damn crown though because at the end of the day, nothing is more pathetic than going back to the man that TWO PIECED your a–. Say what you want about Kae, but she has nothing to lose and he didn’t whoop her a–. Rihanna is such a bird and so insecure and it shows.

  2. Wow. That’s pretty racist. Why is this girl’s race so funny to people? But as soon as someone says something about black people, there’s a problem? -_-

  3. Rihanna is really starting to look immature. And her friend can’t say much about Kae because she’s just as much as a “leech” as she is. All she does is hang around Rihanna. She needs to get a life too.

  4. All of them are idiots. The funniest thing is that Chris is saying not one damn word. Why doesn’t that ring a bell for Rihanna? Rih is crying all on Oprah for this dude, and he still calls her a “friend.” And then he’s spotted the next day with his other “friend” after hanging out with you. Rihanna, you’re getting played by Chris again.

  5. Kae is acting more mature and classy than Rih and her friends are. All Rih does is take pictures of herself smoking weed all day. She sucks and she’s wack as hell to me. I don’t understand how she even has any fans. She tries too hard.

  6. Being made fun of for being an asian/black chick isn’t nearly as funny as being made fun of because most of the dudes in the industry think you’re a slut or have f-cked you already. Not to mention you also got your a– whooped from your ex and still sweat him. Rihanna’s the bigger joke IMO.

  7. Calling Karate a rice cake is just old and lame.

    If you are gonna clown her, clown that dumb tattoo on her hand, the rumors of Chris Breezy telling her “it ain’t no fun (if the homies ain’t have none) or the fact that she got kicked out of his crib, supposedly or the fact that one of her supposed homegirls was photo’d leaving Breezy’s condo.

  8. This is nothing but a competition to Rihanna. She was fine without Chris until he got a prettier GF and seemed happy. Then she had to have him again. All of this is to spite Kae. And at the end of the day, it’s just going to bite Rih in the a–. Karma is real.

  9. At the end of the day……who really cares? CB, Rih, and Kae are all adults. Rih and Kae are playing themselves, not CB. I am so over this.

  10. Kae “Ricecake” whoever is tha same one who made a video making fun of tha way Rih talks? In all actuality she started all of it. Wayyy before Rih was even saying anything to her she made that video and use to tweet a lot of immature things. Indirect talk will get you directly spoken to and eff up! & thats what Rih is doing! #cake

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