Kris Jenner Confirms Kim and Kanye Are Not Engaged, Despite Reports

kim and kanye engaged

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kim and Kanye engaged? According to reports, the couple is currently engaged. As we recently reported, it was speculated that Kanye would propose to Kim Kardashian during their romantic getaway for Kim’s 32nd birthday. Despite the romanticism of the trip, it was confirmed by Kim’s camp that Kanye did not propose. Regardless, MTO and several others are claiming that Kim and Kanye are engaged, and the announcement won’t be made until her divorce with Kris Humphries is final. The hilarious thing is these same sources are “confirming” Kim and Kanye’s engagement because Kim has been sporting a huge rock on her pinky. We saw the reports and Kim’s very obvious attention seeking photos in which she made sure her ring was on full display and we weren’t moved. And that’s because we believe the original report that claimed these two aren’t engaged. But there’s no better confirmation than one from Kris Jenner. And according to Kris Jenner, Kim and Kanye are not engaged.

In a recent interview with E! News, Kris speaks out on the Kim and Kanye engagement rumors.

Today, Kris Jenner confirmed to E! News that Kim’s bling is definitely not a sign she’s getting married to Yeezy. “If it was, I would know about it,” Mama K. said.

But does Kris hope to see Kimye as husband and wife someday? “Kanye’s such a great guy, that if anything along those lines would happen, he’s already a part of our family,” she gushed.

“We adore him and think they make an amazing couple,” she said. “We just want them to be happy.”

There you have it. The Kim and Kanye engaged rumors simply are not true. But we do think Kim did all of this for attention, surely she knew wearing a huge rock (regardless of which finger) would get people talking when initial reports said Kanye would propose to her over the weekend.


kim and kanye engaged


  1. LOL Kim is the biggest attention whore I have ever seen. Period. I saw the pictures and literally laughed out loud. It was so obvious that she wanted the paps to get a picture of that ring on her pinky.

  2. She’s so lame…Kanye don’t marry this whore. You’ll regret it like Bruce Jenner regrets marrying that other whore.

  3. I knew Kim was going to do something stupid after it was also confirmed that there was no proposal. I honestly feel sorry for her sometimes because she’s so pathetic that she has to pull stunts all the time to keep from fading away to irrelevance. That’s what happens when you don’t have any real talent or anything to bring to the world.

    1. There’s no need to feel sorry for Kim. She’s a soulless piece of trash that has plagued our society. Don’t waste your sympathy on her.

  4. Ugh. She’s so ridiculous. I’ll say it again, Kim would be NOTHING if it wasn’t for her dating life. There’s nothing else interesting about her. And she has no talent to work with, so she has to keep dating, getting married and divorced to have a career. Sad.

  5. They will get married and divorce in less than 2 years. Mark my words. Kim is not the wife type. And it’s not because she has a sex tape, but because she is an attention whore and selfish as hell. She cannot keep a man and Kanye won’t be any different.

  6. Yall go in so hard on Kim. She can’t move on with her life and marry who she wants? Kris is the one holding up the divorce…

  7. Kim’s like 30 and still playing these childish games. I can see why Reggie doesn’t want her back. What normal dude wants to date a chick who lives for attention? It gets very old. And as much as a queen as Ye is, it will get old to him too eventually. But he might marry her before that happens, and that will make the end of this even more messy.

  8. I think Kim would have tweeted the world and posted photos if she had gotten engaged to Kanye. She’s too much of a fame whore to keep that a secret, regardless of her divorce.

  9. Kim has really messed her face up. She’s not even all the pretty anymore. It looks like it hurts for her to think with her tight a– face.

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