Chris Brown Goes On Romantic Dinner Date With Karrueche


chris brown and karrueche still together

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chris Brown and Karrueche still together? Well according to some reports, there is definitely something up with the two exes who called if off last month after Chris was photographed getting cozy with Rihanna in a New York night club and Jay-Z concert. Since then, Chris has released a public statement announcing his breakup with Karrueche Tran, but despite his outing with Rihanna, Chris has still been photographed and spotted several times with Karrueche. So many believe Chris Brown and Karrueche are still together. Even one of Chris’ loyal fans said he spotted the former couple out in LA a week ago, and they appeared and behaved like they were together. And perhaps Rihanna is thinking the same thing because she has been shading Karruehce on her Twitter account more often these last few days. But things got really ugly when Rihanna’s best friend Melissa Ford took to her Instagram account to slam Karrueche and her friends. Many people were outraged with the attack because Ford’s rant was laced with what many felt was racism, since she referred to Karrueche as “Rice Cake” and appeared to be making fun of Tran’s ethnicity. Despite the drama and Ford’s confidence in a reconciled “Chrihanna,” Chris continues to be spotted and photographed with Karrueche.

So are Chris Brown and Karrueche still together? According to some reports, Chris Brown and Karrueche aren’t completely over. In fact, the two were said to have been spotted together on an actual date on Friday, just one day after he was spotted with Rihanna again. And according to reports, they did not behave like two bitter exes. And onlookers said they had plenty of laughs and appeared to be on very good terms.

The report, which is an exclusive from Hollywood Life:

The former couple – who split recently over Chris’ feelings for ex-girlfriend Rihanna, even though he is still on probation for beating her up in 2009 – had dinner together at Wokcano in West Hollywood before attending the opening of new store Wild Style.

A source told ”Chris and Karrueche were seen having dinner Friday night at Wokcano on Third Street in West Hollywood around 10pm. It was weird seeing them together after everything that happened with the two of them and then Rihanna’s in the mix too. It’s just too crazy. Chris and Karrueche got a quiet little table toward the back of the restaurant and ate together. The pair spent almost an hour together at the restaurant and other diners said they appeared to be having a great time together.

The eyewitness added: ”They were at the restaurant for about 40-45 minutes. They ordered a few sushi rolls and Kae had white wine. They were having a fantastic outing together and it really showed.

”They weren’t all touchy feeling with one another, but they were having a great time. There was a lot of smiling at one another. He was telling jokes and being funny and she was eating it up, laughing at his every word and being attentive to him. Not sure if they’re back together, but something is definitely up – judging by the way they were interacting.”

Chris did say he was single in the statement he released confirming his break up with Karrueche. And he did claim that he loves both Karrueche and Rihanna. So we’re not quite sure that Chris Brown and Karrueche are still together, but it does sound like Chris has decided to be single and explore both his options. We’ve been hearing too much lately about Karrueche being spotted with Chris for the last couple of weeks. And most of the reports sound the same, and with both being spotted together on the set of his music video the other day, we doubt she’s still just “moving” things out of his place. Regardless, Rihanna has not ridden of Karrueche and by what it looks like, she won’t be able to any time soon.


  1. It’s sad that these two females are willing to share a man. Rihanna has the most going on for herself but prefers to act like an idiot. SMH

  2. I’ll say it again. I think Chris and Kae are playing Rihanna. In the end, she stands to lost the most. She’s not very bright.

  3. Chris has two side chicks, cause neither one of them is the main. Can’t be mad that 2 females were willing to be this stupid.

  4. But I thought he LOVEDED Rihanna. Lol. And yes, I meant to spell it like that. Both these chicks need to get some self esteem and move on. They both look dumb.

  5. SMH. And what was Rihanna’s BFF saying? A man does what he wants? I guess he WANTS to do Karrueche when he supposed to be with Rihanna. Oh.

  6. Chris has a magical paynus. He’s one of the only men who has managed to have two girlfriends at once and both know about it each other and don’t mind it. He might be worse than Stevie J.

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