Kanye Likes To Show Pictures Of Kim In A Bikini To Other Rappers

By: Taren Vaughan

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian continue to make headlines as the couple has yet to shy away from the spotlight. And it was thought that they were about to take things further as gossip suggested that Kanye was going to propose to Kim on her birthday. Turns out though, that things didn’t go down that way to Kim’s supposed disappointment. The engagement rumor got amplified even more though after Kim’s birthday passed when she was pictured with a big rock on her finger. Her mother though stepped in and officially shut down the rumor. One thing for certain is that Kim and Kanye are not afraid to tell the world how they feel about each other, or grab each other’s butts in public from time to time. We’ve heard Kanye rap about Kim in some of his songs, select lyrics even suggesting that he wants to get married to her and that she was the one for him. And through his Twitter account, we have seen Kanye brag about the sex that he is having with Kim too. Kanye apparently can’t get enough of talking about Kim and her body, or showing it off rather, to the world as he was allegedly caught showing photos of Kim in nothing but a bikini to another rapper in the industry. Here’s what a source claimed they saw:

Kanye West has been bragging about his girlfriend’s curves. The rapper was spotted showing off bikini shots of Kim Kardashian backstage at the Samsung Galaxy Note II event at Skylight. “Kanye was showing 2 Chainz pictures of Kim in a bikini,” says a spy. Giants star Victor Cruz, Kid Cudi and French Montana also attended. “Jersey Shore” star Vinny Guadagnino was heard asking where Kim was, says a source, who heard West respond, “Getting that money! Working!”

We know Kanye West is not opposed to bragging about what he has or checking people when they try to say he is talentless. But his need to show off photos of a near naked Kim to other male celebs has some people giving him the side eye.


  1. kanye never bragged about having sex with kim in twitter, that was a fake tweet and they were never goonna get engaged on her bday, as usual the media makes up rumors.

    1. Chauncy, you sound silly. The media made up the engagement rumors? No sweetie, Kim Kardashian made up the rumors and had her people send them to the blogs. Don’t be delusional.

  2. It’s interesting that when Kanye brags about Kim, it’s about her looks and her having fame/money. I guess he realizes there’s not much more to her either.

    1. THIS. I thought I was the only one who picked up on that. I wonder what happens when Kim’s “looks” start to fade.

  3. I wonder what these two even have to talk about. Clothes? I mean neither one of them seem intelligent enough to have meaningful conversations.

  4. It’s good that he shows pictures of Kim’s body to all of his friends. She’s getting her money’s worth for all the surgery she’s had.

  5. Is anyone surprised by the levels of attention whoredom here? I’m not. Not by a long shot. We have a match made in trashy reality tv heaven.

  6. Joke’s on him, half the industry has seen and touched Kim’s body already. And everyone else can see it anytime on the Internet.

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