Natina Reed’s Father Says Walking & Talking On Cell Phone May Have Played Part In Her Death

By: Taren Vaughan

Natina Reed dead at the age of 32 was shocking news that reached the media this past weekend. Natina Reed was most famous for being apart of the R&B girl trio Blaque, many coining her as the “Left Eye” of the group, putting her rapping skills to work on tracks. She also landed a role in the movie “Bring It On”, showing fans that she had more than one talent up her sleeve. Sadly, the singer/actress was hit by a car and killed this past Friday in Lawrenceville, Georgia while attempting to cross a busy highway. Her sudden death has taken a huge toll on those who were closest to her, especially her parents. And as they are currently making arrangements for her wake and funeral, Natina Reed’s parents are in deep search of more answers as to how this happened to their daughter,wanting to know exactly where Natina was coming from and where she was going on the night of the accident. As the investigation surrounding the accident continues to take place, both of Natina Reed’s parents have spoken out about the untimely death of their daughter and sharing their thoughts on how they think this happened to her.

Natina’s mother Tamara Goodridge made it clear that their family was not looking for sympathy, they simply wanted some closure:

“We’re not looking to be victims,” Tamara Goodridge told Channel 2. “We’re not seeking to be angry, but we do need a resolve.”

Natina’s father says that they did discover that she was talking on the phone as she was crossing the street,  possibly a key factor to her death:

“She was on the phone,” said Reed’s father. “She was walking across the street on the phone, and the next thing she’s on the floor.”

Her mother also believing that to be the main cause as well:

“I’m sure it played a big part in it, so I’m asking anyone who will view this tape to please be conscientious of the cellphones,”

Natina Reed lost her life at such a young age. And in a way that is comparable to how Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes lost hers years ago, the person responsible for discovering the singing group that Natina was apart of, making Natina’s passing somewhat eerie in the eyes of many people. An outpouring of support and love continues to be given to the two other members of Blaque, Natina’s parents, her son Tren and his father Rapper Kurupt, who Natina was previously engaged to, during this tragic time.




  1. I’m sad about this but really upset me is how people are spreading rumors about what happened. It’s so disrespectful.

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