Nick Cannon Refused To Play Nicki Minaj Songs At DJ Gig

By: Taren Vaughan

Did Nick Cannon refuse to play Nicki Minaj songs at his recent DJ event? Nick Cannon’s wife Mariah Carey was rumored to have had beef going on with Young Money rapper Nicki Minaj prior to the airing of this season of American Idol. Reports claimed that Mariah was not happy that Nicki got offered the gig and would be joining her on the judging panel. Mariah however publicly claimed that it was way too early for any beef to be brewing between her and Nicki. Shortly after though, Nicki was caught on tape getting into it with Mariah, a video that rapidly circulated on the web. Many believed the blow up to be all for show yet both Mariah and Nicki took time out to tell their sides of the story. Mariah’s husband Nick Cannon also served up his opinion on the matter too, siding with his wife of course and shading Nicki Minaj at the same time. As it wasn’t said that Nick Cannon and Nicki Minaj had their own beef going, it looks like she isn’t on his good side at this point. At a recent DJ gig of his, it was said that Nick was showing absolutely no love to Nicki Minaj, shooting down any request for her songs.

Here’s the report on Nick’s supposed refusal to blast any Nicki Minaj’s tracks:

Nick Cannon refused to play Nicki Minaj’s music at a recent event.

The ‘America’s Got Talent’ host acted as DJ at the Maxim Celebrates the Launch of Assassin’s Creed III event in Hollywood on Wednesday (24.10.12) and onlookers claimed he didn’t respond to a request to play Nicki’s ‘Starships’, most likely because of the recent feud between her and his wife Mariah Carey.

A source told People: “Nick hyped up the party by playing songs including ones by Carly Rae Jepsen and One Direction. The crowd was loving the music and Nick was dancing!

“A guest approached to request that he play Minaj’s ‘Starships’ but he acted like he didn’t hear the request. Clearly he was supporting his wife during her feud.”

The beef may have been between Mariah and Nicki but apparently Nick Cannon isn’t feeling her either, enough to where he bypasses her music during DJ gigs.


  1. DJ’s usually have a playlist for an event they set up before the event and do not like requests too much because they can mess up a flow of a party. Songs that are requested are usually in the play list cue and will be played.

    With that being said, Mariah told him he bet not play any Nicki Minaj!

  2. Is it me or does Mariah wear the pants in that relationship and why is Nick Cannon DJ’ing? I thought couples shared their income?

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