Kim Kardashian Has Another Sex Tape With Ray J. Being Shopped Around

kanye and kim

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Does Kim Kardashian have yet another alleged sex tape? Well according to the latest gossip, Kim Kardashian does indeed have another sex tape floating around. Her first sex tape starred not only herself, but Brandy Norwood’s little brother Ray J. The sex tape is what many credit to Kim’s surge to fame, wealth, and popularity. Since that infamous sex tape with Ray J., Kim has become a reality star and has built a multimillion dollar empire, and has set her family members up to be just as famous as she has managed to become. And since the sex tape, Kim’s has become even more popular with her numerous failed relationships with famous men, which also includes two failed marriages. And although she is currently dating rapper Kanye West, Kim is still in the middle of a nasty divorce to second estranged husband, Kris Humphries. Despite that, Kim claims she is happy with her love life, but a new sex tape could create more drama than the reality star would want right now.

According to multiple reports, there is currently a second sex tape featuring Kim Kardashian being shopped around. The reports suggest the sex tape also features boyfriend of the time, Ray J., and those that have viewed the alleged tape suggest that it is way raunchier than the first one.

The reports claim that part 2 of Kim and Ray J’s sex tape is currently being shopped around for $19 million (some reports claim $30 million), and said sources claim Kim is furious and concerned that the sex tape will be leaked on the internet. Although Kim is known for her usual attention seeking, they claim the reality star is concerned that another sex tape could sour the relationship she has with Kanye.

We find that part of gossip hard to believe, since it’s very unlikely that Kanye would even care that Kim has yet another sex tape. Especially when he has two of his own, and considering that he loves to show other rappers pictures of Kim in a bikini in his spare time. Then there’s also that rumor that she and Kanye also have their own sex tape floating about.

We’re still not sure how true this bit of gossip is, but we are curious to see how this turns out. Especially since it was rumored that Kris Jenner was the one that made the deal to sell Kim’s last sex tape for millions and made sure the tape was heavily edited in her daughter’s favor.


  1. Welp, if Kanye really loves her he should just go ahead and buy the tape. But knowing him, he probably loves the idea of her being in another sex tape. He probably beats off to the first one.

  2. I understand some people like to make tapes when they are in a relationship, but damn, how many tapes does this chick have? I have heard about several others with different people. She’s nasty as hell.

  3. Sigh…why is she even famous? The only thing she knows how to do is have sex and from what we saw on the tape, she’s not even good at that.

  4. Well Ray J. needs to capitalize off of this one because no one was checking for him after the first one. IJS.

  5. I’m just saying Cmmmmmoooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnn KIM!!!! Aren’t u tired of different sets of n-ggahs gawking at ole p*ssy pics and tapes. This chic def wasn’t raised right cuz it’s one thing to be in a relationship and possibly make a tape BUT to make it a way of life?!! Ray J on sum bish isht too he coulda released tape 3 yrs ago he feeling salty cuz her coochie was her rise to fame while he hangin on by a strang…..Not cool Brandy’s brother….lesson to be learned DON’T give Ray J NO A–.

  6. Ummm “concerned that another sex tape could sour the relationship she has with Kanye”….you have to be kidding. The relationship they had from the gate was forged in all types of f*ckery. She was f*ckin Kanye while she was with Reggie and Kris. You think he cares about another tape you got. Kim…Get off your back and start doing something more productive with yourself.

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