Solange Puts Donald Trump in His Place For Obama Remarks

solange knowles

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The 2012 Presidential Election season has been a dramatic one. With the race between President Obama and Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney being a close one, it seems like everyone is getting a little political. And when it comes to celebrities and other notable public figures, it is clear that everyone has something to say. Both candidates have been getting endorsed left and right by notable figures, with some celebrity endorsements being nothing more than public spectacles. Actress Stacey Dash surprised many when she endorsed Mitt Romney on Twitter with an attached swim suit photo shoot. And since then, she’s become a favorite target for other black celebrities. And with the exception of Stacey Dash and other famous black republicans (with the exception of Colin Powell who has endorsed President Obama a second time), most of Black Hollywood is in support of President Obama. This is clear in their tweets, as well as their politically inspired outfits and campaign donations.

So it’s no surprise that Solange Knowles is just as big of a supporter of President Obama as her big sis Beyonce, who was last heard to have raised $4 million with Jay-Z for his campaign. So when Donald Trump made a rather disrespectful remark regarding the President and Hurricane Sandy, she had no problems checking him.

Donald tweets:

donald trump president obama

Solange claps back (read from bottom up):

solange donald trump

I’m not sure what it is, but there’s been a lot of rather insensitive tweets penned by celebs regarding Hurricane Sandy. Even Evelyn Lozada compared herself to the hurricane, and eventually deleted the distasteful tweet after she was destroyed in her mentions.


  1. I really wish he would get off Obama’s nuts. He was silent while George W. f-cked the country up. The real problem people have with Obama is that the man is black. He hasn’t done anything that much different from any other Dem president to warrant all the hate he gets.

  2. That was a classy way to respond. But Donald is only looking for attention. Regardless of who ends up winning, he won’t really be affected. So people need not to worry about what he says.

  3. Oh goodness…Donald is still thirsty for attention I see. Him and his thirsty toupee. That thing just looks sad sitting on top of his head.

  4. Man these people are so disrespectful to Obama. He is still the President at the end of the day, so show him some damn respect. I know it’s because he’s black. Racist bastards.

  5. Let’s keep in mind that the new season of Celebrity Apprentice is about come on!!! He’s just trying to get attention!

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