Chris Brown Angers Many With His ‘Terrorist’ Halloween Costume

chris brown

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Did Chris Brown dress up as a Terrorist for Halloween? Chris Brown might love to get dressed up and party for Halloween, but he probably didn’t think his choice of costume all the way through. The R&B singer and his friends decided to dress up as what many feel was a terrorist for this year’s Halloween (even though we think it’s offensive that people think all people who dress this way are “terrorists”). Chris must have honestly seen no offense in this choice because he proudly tweeted and uploaded a photo of the controversial costumes to his Instagram account. What he thought would be perceived as hilarious has ignited yet another controversy for the singer who was said to be in the middle of cleaning up his image to improve his record sales. After seeing the photo, I’m wondering why none of his handlers didn’t convince him to be something else for Halloween this year.

Here’s the photo that started all the drama and ignited outrage on the internet:

chris brown terrorist halloween costume

Immediately, people began to drag Chris for what they felt were insensitive Halloween costumes. The most offended were Muslims, who couldn’t understand why Chris would “make fun” of their culture and religion for Halloween purposes.

Here’s some of the tweets:

chris brown halloween terrorist tweet

chris brown halloween terrorist tweet

chris brown halloween terrorist tweet


Chris Brown was said to have tweeted that Halloween is all in fun and people shouldn’t take costumes so seriously, but it looks like that tweet might have been deleted.


  1. That boy needs a hug from his mother! I have never seen such an attention whore, nothing he does amazes me anymore…. What the h*ll does those girls see in him! smdh….

  2. Not smart. Yes, Halloween is all for fun, but as a celeb, you have to be real careful about your costume. He is only digging a deeper hole for himself.

  3. Disgusting. I hate when people feel the need to offend just to dress up for Halloween. And the sad thing is his stans are really defending this. But those same fools don’t buy his albums though. Hey Team Breezy, instead of cursing people out on the blogs for your god, why won’t you go buy his albums?! You know, help him in a way that actually MATTERS.

    1. You must be one of Chris’ young, ignorant, and delusional fans. I encourage you to pay more attention to the news and the struggles of our military. If you did, you wouldn’t be cosigning this behavior.

      1. Chris’ fans also made up excuses as to why it was ok for him to beat Rihanna’s a–. So you can’t be shocked at their response to this.

        1. Quit hatin on Chris. Y’all do nothin but hate on the boy. I agree with SMH. Just let the boy live. People just need to take a joke, yo.

          1. Who needs to hate or be jealous of a woman beating a–hole with a damn near non existent singing career? I have higher standards for my hate. LOL.

      2. You just need to go on somewhere with your hatin azz! Just jealous that Chris Breezy doesn’t want a girl like you!

        1. He actually doesn’t want a girl like you either…you’re black right? If so, you don’t stand a chance, well unless you are or look biracial. LOL.

          1. Please let them know. I always found it ironic that most of Chris’ female fans are brown skinned black females, the one group of females he won’t even date. Stop it.

  4. Why is Chris so f-cking stupid? Does he not get that people hate him? Does he not understand that they will do whatever it takes to get rid of him and demolish his career? I mean he barely has a career now. But why does he make it so much easier for them to destroy him. His fan base does not even buy enough of his albums for him to still be this cocky and arrogant. They are ripping him to shreds for this and he deserves every bit of it. He better start saving the little money he has left because it’s only going to get worse. And by the looks of things, he needs to date Rihanna because he won’t have much of a singing career in a few years.

  5. I think it’s safe to assume that Chris Brown does not keep himself aware of international news or is aware that Muslims could use this image to spark protests against the United States and thus place Americans’ lives in danger.

  6. Just stupid. I can’t stomach Chris anymore. Between this crap with Rihanna and Kae, and all the arrogant sh-t he does in his real life, he’s not very likeable anymore.

    1. I’m just going to pretend that these comments in defense of Chris are from someone in his camp. That way I don’t have to admit the painful truth that there really are THAT many stupid and insensitive people in the world.

  7. Well Chris Brown isn’t going to be making that Arab Money now. He will never be invited to perform in Saudi Arabia or Dubai.

          1. But you’re a Chris Brown fan, that requires BOTH. But let me speak a language you actually understand…YO MOMMA.

  8. C. Breezy is doing nothing but just pissin off white people and Muslims now huh? Just keep digging that grave for your career Chris! Keep digging!

  9. This was one of the most entertaining comment threads we’ve had in a while. It went great with my cup of Starbucks. LOL.

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