Chris Brown’s Mom Goes Off About The Criticism Over Chris’ Halloween Costume

chris brown terrorist

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chris Brown’s Halloween costume for this year’s highly celebrated holiday has caused nothing but more controversy for the singer for the last 24 hours. Perhaps it’s because people feel the singer opted to dress as a terrorist (that’s another issue in itself). Many publications and critics are angry because they believe Chris and his friends dressed up in a jokingly way to mimic the looks of the Taliban. While Chris insists it was nothing but good Halloween fun, many people are offended in his choice of costume. The added fake guns he carried around only made things worse, especially since he’s already been labeled as a violent person for his assault on ex-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009.

Although many of Chris Brown’s fans see nothing wrong with the singer’s choice of costume, he continues to be ripped to shreds in the media and social networks. The most offended would have to be the Muslim community, as many of them feel the singer has no right to make fun of their religion and culture all for a Halloween costume:

chris brown halloween terrorist tweet

Regardless, there is one person in Chris’ corner who definitely feels like the criticisms are unwarranted and the controversy is totally unnecessary. And that would be Chris Brown’s mom. Chris may be keeping mum about the subject on Twitter, but she surely is not.

In the past two days, she’s gone off on the social network about the backlash Chris has been receiving for that infamous Halloween costume.

She tweets:

chris brown mom tweets

chris brown mom tweets


Of course this has only made matters worse, as many feel that Chris Brown’s mom is  just being ignorant and insensitive to those that were offended.


  1. I wish Chris and his slow a– momma would just get how the f-ck Hollywood works. All celebs have to be careful about their actions. They are public figures. Everything will be dissected. But I swear he and his momma are the only ones who b-tch and complain about criticism. Do you see the bigger celebs and their parents doing this? Of course you don’t! And that’s why his career will never be bigger than it is. Idiots.

    1. STANDING OVATION. And that’s really the truth. No one said being famous is easy but he needs to man up and learn how to play the game. Be smarter than this. I mean really.

  2. She’s just as slow as Chris is. It’s really simple. He was wrong and it was offensive. Apologize and move on. This is why people bash her. Look at how she handled this. Just tacky and arrogant.

  3. I love Chris but I won’t pretend this was ok. It was wrong and just a poor choice. What he and Mama Breezy need to do is put their pride to the side and stop being so defensive. It’s only making things worse.

    1. That’s because you aren’t a Muslim or from that country. It’s real easy to be selfish and only care about YOURSELF. Something Chris seems to do very well.

  4. Oh please! She sounds ridiculous. Her son was wrong and she’s ignorant trying to change the subject. And don’t talk about how we need to help the Hurricane victims when her son nor herself are doing a damn thing to help the victims. Instead, his dumb behind decided to dress up as the Taliban so be could attend the party of the chick he abused a few years ago.

    1. Then your sense of humor is questionable. Talk to a soldier’s widow or someone who lost a loved one to 911 and you then tell me how his costume is hilarious. You’re just as selfish as Chris is. Go buy one of hims albums so he won’t be a flop anymore.

  5. People need to complain with their wallets and stop wasting time on the comment sections on blogs. Oops…wait. He’s a flop. Oh. Nevermind. Carry on.

  6. What the hell does Rihanna and Karrueche see in this little boy? I mean…I really need to know. He’s a prick.

  7. Reason number 500,801,029 why I don’t support Chris Brown anymore. His mama. Chile, her tweets are enough to confirm to me that she’s not the brightest.

  8. So much anger on this thread. LOL. But seriously, I’m Team Breezy and I want Chris to succeed. I really do. But I’m a little older and I see that Chris has to play the game to win. He’s not being smart. You can’t win if the media hates you. And right now, they hate him. So everything he does will be watched. He has to understand that. So does his mother. The media destroys careers just as fast as they make them. He’s only hurting himself and his relationship with Rihanna will be the final nail in his coffin. Hers too. If you’re trying to show people that you have changed, you can’t do stuff like this and have mama cursing out your haters on Twitter. He’s messing with the wrong people.

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