Chris Brown Goes to Dinner With Karrueche Before Attending Rihanna’s Halloween Party


By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chris Brown seems to still be splitting his time between Rihanna and Karrueche, despite Chris and Rihanna’s cozy appearance at Rihanna’s Halloween party at Greystone. Reports suggest that Rihanna went all out and showed Chris some serious freaky affection, despite his refusal to cut Karrueche out of his life completely. A source tells Hollyscoop that Rihanna was giving Chris Brown sexy lap dances all night and the two couldn’t keep their hands off of each other. Of course, Chris probably caused more controversy with his choice of a Halloween costume, which people are still talking about. And things only got worse when his mother took to her Twitter account to defend him.

Despite attending Rihanna’s exclusive Halloween bash, reports are now claiming that Chris took Karrueche to dinner before making his way to Rihanna’s party.

A source tells Hollywood Life:

Chris Brown had a cozy dinner with his second love Karrueche Tran on Halloween night, just hours before he went to Greystone Manor to party with his main love Rihanna, is EXCLUSIVELY reporting. “[Karrueche] saw Chris on Halloween for a minute and they talked and had some food and caught up,” a source close to the aspiring actress tells “She did her own Halloween thing without Chris and she didn’t want to go party at Greystone with him even though he didn’t care if she went or not.” “She’s not about to stoop down to anyone’s level and it would have been a whole lot of drama if she was at that party so of course she was cool on it.”

Of course, this or the fact that Rihanna had dinner with Chris Brown’s mom the other day could explain this tweet from Karrueche:

karrueche and chris brown


  1. Why am I not shocked? In the end, Chris will end up with neither one of these fools. That’s how it always ends up. Men marry the chicks who actually have backbones and standards. Rihanna and Karrueche are too easy.

  2. It’s funny how Chris keeps his options open and Rih and Kae are so loyal to this dude. Women are so gullible.

  3. Yep. This is nothing but a competition to Rihanna and Karrueche. They are trying so hard to win that they can’t see that they are losing right now. Chris ain’t even all that. Pencil dyck a– negro.

  4. I guess. All 3 of them are fools. If Rihanna was as bad as she thinks she is, she’d find another celeb to date. She looks wacker than Karrueche does because she should have way more options.

    1. Rihanna doesn’t have that many options. She’s wild and acts like a bird. Not to mention, she’s too clingy. I honestly doubt famous men are lining up to date her. That weed smoking and posting nude pics on Instagram isn’t sexy to everyone.

    2. Agreed! Why do people put Rihanna on a pedestal? Because she’s pretty and famous? Rihanna is a BASIC CHICK. That’s clear by her actions. She’s not smart and she has very low self esteem. I tried to follow her on Twitter and Instagram and had to unfollow on both. All she does is talk about weed, throw shade, and post topless pics of herself all day. She’s very simple minded and childish. So no, she can not do better. And I’m not all shocked that instead of walking away from the guy who abused her, she rather share him with another chick.

  5. He was been with this girl for two years. He’s not going to cut her off that soon or easily. The same way he didn’t cut Rihanna all the way off. She can compete all she wants with Karrueche, but at the end of the day, Chris has never been loyal to her. As soon as she gets Karrueche out the picture, there will be another chick to worry about. She is wasting her time trying to be with a dude who ain’t for her.

  6. I hope all 3 of them are loving the attention and using it to their advantage. They are on the blogs all the time and honestly, I think once the public gets over this (which will be soon), Chris and Rihanna will run out of steam, and the thrill will be gone. Both are attention whores.

  7. Rihanna and Karrueche are proof that looks have NOTHING to do with self-esteem. Both of these girls (yes, girls! No real woman would tolerate any of this!) are gorgeous but they still think they are better off with some part of Chris in their lives, even if it’s not the a whole Chris. He’s faithful to neither one of them and they are acting like he’s some prize. He’s not and there’s better out there but because they don’t value themselves, they think this is the best they can do. I see no winner here but Chris. And honestly, when he tires of both, there will be someone new. I too also doubt he’ll end up with either in the end.

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