Are Tamar And Vince Getting a Divorce? The Couple Speaks Out

are tamar and vince getting a divorce

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Are Tamar and Vince getting a divorce? For the last month, it has been speculated by many gossip enthusiasts that Tamar and Vince are getting a divorce. Tamar Braxton is the younger sister of R&B singer Toni Braxton. and she and her husband have achieved reality television stardom thanks to their appearance on The Braxton Family Values. Tamar became such a fan favorite that she was offered her own spinoff show with Vince entitled Tamar & Vince. The show seems to be doing well, but as of late, the two haven’t been getting along in front of the cameras. And with reports of them moving out of the mansion they have only been living in for the last few months, many began to speculate that Tamar and Vince are getting a divorce.

Tamar and Vince have been pretty mum about the rumors. And many took this to mean that Tamar and Vince are getting a divorce.

But Tamar and Vince made a quick stop to Wendy Williams’ show and got real about the rumors.

So are Tamar and Vince getting a divorce?

Tamar says:

“I don’t know. And you know me Wendy, I don’t really lie. I mean because it’s hard for me to remember stuff. But you know, I would never put a rumor out like that, that implies that Vince and I are splitting up. This is my baby. I don’t play with that one.

But we’re selling our house. That’s a fact.”

Well there you have it. When it comes to the real reason behind why Tamar and Vince are selling the new house they’ve only been living in for 6 month, the couple says it’s because they need more room. Apparently Vince says the space wasn’t big enough to put Tamar’s hair salon or glam room in.

Watch the interview here:


  1. Tamar’s not leaving her meal ticket. You know Toni is broke, so she needs to keep her current meal ticket around. SMH.

  2. I think Wendy was right when she said that Tamar planted this rumor. I mean, who was really watching the show until they heard they were fighting and divorcing? I wasn’t. LOL.

  3. Are they getting the bigger house so Toni can move in? The house they are selling seemed like a good size. There has to be more to the story.

  4. I’m trying to understand why they needed their own show. I just can’t take their relationship seriously. I highly doubt she would have been with him if he didn’t have money or wasn’t a producer. Tamar is a user.

    1. She never would have looked at Vince twice if he did not have the money. She is really crazy. People who speak about themselves in the third person are mentally ill and suffer from delusions of grandeur. She is ghetto all the way. She is too loud and uses her big mouth to command attention. She really should SHUT UP and stop trying to talk above everyone else. The way she carried on when she gave birth was ridiculous. That was way too much drama.

  5. Tamar’s mouth is entirely too big. She is too Ghetto for Vince who seems to be much calmer and quieter. She never would have looked at poor Vince twice if he did not have money. Tamar seems to get louder, and louder with each episode. She tries to talk above everyone else. She is irritating and is retarded because no one who is sane speaks of themselves in the third person. She is this, She is that, She is CRAZY!!!!!! Somebody needs to put a muzzle on her BIG GIGANTIC MOUTH. She should be embarrassed by the drama she pulled in delivering her baby. I feel so sorry for that poor child to have a BIG MOUTHED MOTHER LIKE TAMAR. SHUT UP ALREADY AND KEEP YOUR TONE DOWN. You are not a lady. Ladies don’t have drama in every aspect of their lives. Stop complaining that you are fat and try dieting and exercising and stop taking photos. But above all – SHUT UP, SHUT UP, SHUT UP!!!! You are irritating beyond words.

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