Fabolous Explains Why He’s Not Really Trying to Marry Emily B

By: Taren Vaughan

Will Fabolous and Emily B. ever get married? Fabolous has made his presence felt in the rap game ever since his debut album “Ghetto Fabolous” dropped. And as rap heads have been well aware of Fab’s skills on the mic, another side of the Brooklyn native has been exposed via reality TV. Although Fabolous himself has never stepped foot on a Love and Hip Hop set, his name has been mentioned on several episodes as his baby’s mother Emily B. was once apart of the cast. Emily openly spoke about her relationship with Fab and the ups and downs that she went through with him, admitting once before that he didn’t claim her in public. To add to the drama, Emily has gotten similar treatment from show watchers that Mimi Faust has although she says she is nothing like Mimi. As for her relationship with Fabolous, their status was, and still is, often questioned by viewers of the show as it seemed that Emily was never quite done with him. As the status of Fab and Emily has wavered, people began to wonder just how serious things would ever get between them. It looks like Fab may have revealed the answer to that question as he admitted in a recent interview that he did not have the urge to get married to anyone anytime soon, maybe never:

“I don’t think marriage is in the future for me right now. [laughs] I just really don’t. And the thing about marriage is that, I believe in it but don’t believe in it. I think sometimes people put on that ring and that paper, and it messes up a good thing sometimes because now it’s a different emphasis on your relationship because now you can say I’m married, I got this paper — I like to just build on relationships and make sure you’re in a happy relationship.”

Fab also spoke on where he and Emily currently are at the moment and how he felt about her being involved with reality TV:

“We great, man, I think me and Emily’s situation, through the show got tainted from the public view because it was a one-sided story,” Fab explained. “It’s a drama — I think that’s what they try to paint on the show. It’s entertainment at the end of the day, I did tell her if you want do that show, you got to be mindful to what’s going on. A lot of those girls go onto those shows not knowing exactly what they’re getting into. … Me and Emily are good, we’re in a great place, we’re raising our little boy together.”

Peep Fab’s interview below:


  1. That’s a damn shame. This is why women need to make sure they understand where a man stands on marriage before they get involved with him and most importantly, have his babies. If you want marriage but he doesn’t “believe” in it, don’t get involved with him.

  2. How does “marriage” mess up a relationship? GTFOH! Fab grow up! You’re playing house and don’t want to make it official!

  3. Maybe it’s just me but I think a kid is one of the realest commitments out there. It will keep someone in your life forever. If you have a child with someone, you will ALWAYS have to deal with that person. So why don’t they protest having babies out of wedlock like they do marriage? It’s ridiculous.

  4. They’re only in a good place because Emily still has no damn backbone and is willing to keep settling. Sad.

    1. Marriage is what you make it. Some people make it sh-t and some make it sugar. Marriage itself is NOT the problem, it’s the people in the marriage.

    2. Marriage ain’t all that…learn how to think for yourselves people. >>>> Neither is having a child out of wedlock. There’s just as much pain that comes out of that too. Keep it real please.

  5. Sigh…I guess I can’t say I’m surprised. I figured he had this mentality. When a man can be with a woman that long and have kids, but hasn’t popped the question, he probably won’t. But women choose men, so we can’t blame him for all of this. Emily could have and still can walk away. But she refuses to do so.

  6. I know everyone doesn’t believe in marriage, but why enjoy the perks of something you say you don’t believe in? You’re living together with someone and having kids, so how is marriage beneath you?

  7. Emily should have known what she was getting herself into…the guy can’t even spell “fabulous” right. What did she expect? Smh.

  8. This is who Emily B. wants to be with. I do not know why but hey, it’s not my coochie. I hope that she will one day find the strength to walk away and be with a man that wants to actually marry her and believe in the biblical implications behind it.

  9. “I think sometimes people put on that ring and that paper, and it messes up a good thing sometimes because now it’s a different emphasis on your relationship because now you can say I’m married, I got this paper” — Oh I get it now. He thinks a “commitment” messes up a good thing. This grown BOY is still afraid to commit to the woman he has a child with. I bet he still has his groupies on the side too. You have to always be careful with men who are scared to commit. They are the main ones that cheat.

  10. I don’t think marriage messes up relationships. People do. They have issues and don’t work them out, but get married anyway. That is a recipe for divorce. IJS.

  11. I think Fab is protecting himself (money) by not marrying her. why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? Fab knows he doesn’t want to settle down and be married espcially when he is still cheating. He is probably thinking she will take me any way she can married, jump off or groupie… so why get married then she will catch him cheating and then get half!

  12. Believe it or not, I actually think Fab might actually marry her one day, he’s still relatively young, its kinda the same thing with Nelly and Ashanti. Fab might marry her when he late 30s/early 40s. That’s ofcourse if she hasn’t been scooped up already. Its a shame… They make a good couple.

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