Problems? Chris Brown Slams Record Labels in Twitter Rant

chris brown

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chris Brown may have a huge fan base and pretty loyal following in Team Breezy, but that doesn’t mean that he still won’t be subjected to the usual politics every artist faces with major record labels. Although Chris is maintaining his loyal fan base, album sales haven’t quite met the expectations of his record label RCA. Many suspect his record sales aren’t stellar due to his huge fallout with the media as a result of the domestic dispute he had with Rihanna in 2009 that left Rihanna bloodied and bruised. And perhaps there’s some truth to that, especially since some music stores were even reported for refusing to sell his albums all together because of the incident.

Regardless, Chris has been resilient. And his resilience has paid off in some ways. His current single “Don’t Wake Me Up” is flying up the Billboard 200 charts and in the top ten charts in several countries. The previous single from the album “Turn Up The Music” was also a pretty big hit, reaching the Billboard Top 100. So Chris clearly still has a solid place in the industry, however, the singer is rumored to be going through some rather annoying politics with his record label.

Last night, he took to his Twitter account to vent about record labels and how they are out of touch when it comes to selecting talent and knowing good music when they hear it.

He tweets:

chris brown twitter

This tweet also brings back to life those rumors from a few months ago. Earlier this year, some industry insiders claimed that Chris’ record label was considering dropping the singer from his label to his low record sales.

Regardless, Chris seems to have positioned himself to be fine regardless of music label issues. He’s created several businesses, with one being a clothing line and he even has his own record label called Chris Brown Entertainment (CBE). Already Chris has several artists. Not to mention, the singer also announced the launching of his own nonprofit, Symphonic Love just days ago.


  1. Record labels are businesses. They have to make sure the artists they have are making them money, not making them lose money. Chris has a following, but they do not buy enough of his albums. It’s good he has other things on the side, cause I think his career is over.

  2. And the people have spoken Chris. Your music is terrible, thus the low record sales. Make real music or find another gig.

  3. Not even his relationship with Rihanna can save him from the inevitable. He rubbed too many people the wrong way too many times. He might have better luck with his own label and artists.

  4. He wasn’t lying. The people do decide but unfortunately, there will still be label politics. He needs to go independent so he can have more creative freedom. He can already write his own songs, and produce his own videos, he really doesn’t need to be on a major label anymore.

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