LeBron James’ Mom Gets Slammed

lebron james mom

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Lebron James’ mom is pretty known for her feisty personality and ongoing legal troubles. Gloria James got herself into some more legal drama last year, after she was alleged of slapping slapping a valet in Miami Beach and Gloria was said to have also been drunk at the time. The valet, Rock Feller Sorel, is suing James for damages, but apparently his lawyer Robert Stok is outraged because he feels Gloria has been getting special treatment by the justice system throughout the whole ordeal. Stok claims that since Gloria James’ son is no other than Miami Heat star LeBron James, she continues to get a pass with officials connected to the justice system.

In an exclusive letter to Gossip Extra, Stok slams Gloria for using her “celebrity status” to escape real jail time.

He writes:

“Since Ms. James’ arrest on April 7, 2011 she has abused her quasi-celebrity status and flouted the justice system.

As detailed in her arrest report, at the time she was arrested, she refused to cooperate with the arresting police officers.

Despite the fact that she was arrested for disorderly intoxication, an arrest typically requiting overnight incarceration, she was released from the booking station almost immediately to a Miami Heat executive.

She was offered her initial pre-trial diversion program without your office having consulted with our client first and ultimately the offer was made against his wishes.

In the civil case, she missed two court ordered mediations and was sanctioned by the trial court for her continuing misconduct.”

Stok also claims that Gloria’s past run ins with the law should have been enough to secure jail time, but he feels it apparent that Miami Heat executives played a hand in her fate and were able to make sure she could make due with community service instead.


  1. Well, LeBron has clout in Miami. Rich white people use this clout all the time so why can’t a black man use it to help his mom?

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