Usher Angers Voters For Using His Celebrity Status To Cut Poll Lines

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It’s been a while since Usher’s made the news and it wasn’t pertaining to his nasty child custody battle with his ex wife Tameka Foster. But unfortunately yet again, Usher is getting some pretty bad press. And this time, it’s due to some recent happenings during voting hours. According to the local Metro Atlanta news reports, the R&B singer angered a long line of voters when he used his celebrity status to cut the line to the voting machines.

Not only did he cut the lines, but he also took pictures of himself voting, when most states have banned use of cameras or cell phones near voting machines.

WSBTV and the Huffington Post report:

ROSWELL, Ga. — Election officials in the Atlanta area are defending their decision to allow singer Usher to bypass long lines and cast his ballot on Election Day, infuriating voters who had to wait.

Fulton County election officials tell WSB-TV () that Usher Raymond IV was escorted to the front of the line to minimize distractions at his Roswell polling place. They said in a statement that poll manager Frank Padula was directed to move Usher through the process as quickly as possible.

WSB reports that Usher took cellphone pictures of himself voting, then posted them on Twitter.

Fulton County Commissioner Liz Hausmann questioned the decision. Hausmann said she can think of only a few people who might deserve such treatment, such as people with disabilities, the elderly and voters with small children.


  1. That’s pretty selfish. But I blame the voting officials that allowed him to do this more than I blame him. They could have said no, but they were too star struck to do the right thing.

  2. I live in Roswell and voted at that poll location. That was completely trifling by those election officials to let Usher cut when those people had jobs to go to and kids to take care of.

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