Rihanna’s Battered Face Used For Chris Brown’s Concert Promotion, Chris Says Shut the Hell Up Critics

By: Amanda Anderson Niles

Chris Brown and Rihanna have been the center of attention thanks to their “love triangle” with Chris’ other ex girlfriend Karrueche Tran. For the last few weeks, although Chris has claimed he is single and committed to neither, he’s been photographed with both and rumored to be “dating” both. Regardless, neither Rihanna or Karrueche seem to care too much, as neither have made any moves to cut Chris completely out of their lives. Instead, it kind of just seems like it’s some kind of competition or something between the two beauties, with Rihanna’s constant shading of Karrueche Tran whenever she can take shots at her rival through her Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Regardless, Rihanna still won’t confirm that she and Chris are back together, and instead she claims they are not together romantically, but simply close friends. We’re not sure how true that is considering that no matter how much Rihanna says she doesn’t care about what people think, it would probably pose trouble for the singer and her career to admit she’s back in a relationship with Chris Brown, the same guy that physically assaulted her in 2009.

Well I guess Chris is playing along or perhaps they really are not back together because he says they aren’t a couple either in a recent interview with popular radio personality Power 106’s Big Boy.

When asked if he and Rihanna are back together, Chris says:

“No. And that’s just a quick, quick answer.”

Chris explains why he made the video that proclaimed he was in live with both Rihanna and Karrueche:

“With that, it’s just me being honest with myself. Me and her have history and we will always be the best friends. And we’re working on our friendship right now as far as everything is going.


He also admits that Karrueche wasn’t too thrilled that he didn’t just call her and express these feelings instead. But we already knew that.”

On whether or not it’s difficult to work on his friendship with Rihanna in public:

“Absolutely because it doesn’t become your situation anymore. You know, I feel everyone feels so attached to this old situation. I mean I know it’s still a very detrimental situation because it’s stuff that we deal with today. And that’s why I’m doing the Jennesse Center and other stuff that shows that domestic violence, that is not okay.”

Chris had lots more to say, so peep the rest of the interview here:


In related news, it seems like those that are against Chris Brown are at it again. According to reports, some unnamed organization has taken it upon themselves to promote Chris Brown’s concert in Sweden with actual posters that contains a picture of Rihanna’s battered face from the incident that took place in 2009.The posters were created in protest of the concert that is supposed to be taking place in the city on November 19.

Here’s the poster:

Apparently the posters are an attempt to get promoters to cancel the concert.


  1. At some parts of the interview, he really sounded like an a–hole. I wish him well, but he still isn’t humble. Sad.

  2. “We’ll always be best friends.” <<<< Doubt it. When you get older and develop some common sense, you'll go your separate ways.

  3. No humility in that interview. He even called the situation that happened in 2009 “old.” I can kind of see now why people protest him so much. He probably should have kept avoiding interviews.

  4. So now they’re going to lie about being together again? I guess they think admitting the obvious would be detrimental to their careers. But sneaking around and faking a friendship is just as dangerous.

  5. How the hell this fool speaking about domestic violence and he the cause of it. Thats just like a alcohlic working at a liquor store.

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