Taylor Swift Didn’t Want Kanye and Kim Anywhere Near Her at the 2012 MTV EMA Awards

kanye and taylor swift

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It looks like the Taylor Swift and Kanye beef is far from over. Kanye officially became America’s leading douche bag when he interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2009. This was Kanye’s least flattering moment in the media, besides that one time he claimed on national television that President George W. Bush didn’t care about black people, as a direct result of the then President’s response to the handling of Hurricane Katrina. Since then, Kanye has pretty much solidified his role as one of the most outspoken celebrities of our generation. And in essence, it’s one of the reasons he’s managed to be such a talked about figure in music, right along with his undeniable talents as a producer. But his talent (and apologies) alone just may not be enough to make Taylor Swift forgive him for interrupting her big night because he (and quite a lot of people) felt Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” video was just more deserving of being selected for Music Video of the Year.

The other night, during the MTV EMA Awards, it’s being said in the gossip realms that Taylor (who had a big night) was making some pretty diva demands when it came to Kanye and his current girlfriend Kim Kardashian. As it was reported, Kim was there with Kanye not only for support, but she also presented an award. Apparently Swift is still not over the fiasco that happened a few years ago, as insiders claimed she pulled her big star card and demanded that Kanye and Kim be seated nowhere near her. Reports also claim that Swift requested that her dressing room also be nowhere near “Kimye” as well.

The Daily Record reports:

With Rihanna, Katy Perry, Beyonce and Lady Gaga nowhere to be seen, the country-pop singer, 22, stole the show – after laying rules down to stop unwanted interruptions.

In 2009, rapper West jumped up on stage at the Europe awards as Taylor was picking up Best Female Video and claimed Beyonce should have won. Awkward.

But that didn’t hold us back from putting our stilettoes in it.

We asked Taylor if she had anything prepared to cover up any Kanye-isms and the usually meek and mild star got well stroppy.

“Oh, come on,” she bellowed before storming off.

We are never, ever, ever getting an interview with Taylor Swift again.

A source told the Razz that Taylor had requested the rapper was banned from her backstage area – and his girlfriend Kim Kardashian’s dressing room was moved to the opposite side of the venue.

Kim, 32, who presented an award, was warned to steer clear.

Our source also revealed the seating plan had to be completely readjusted when Kanye confirmed his attendance just days before the event – as Kim’s plus one.

Oh, how the tables have turned.


  1. I wish this overrated little white girl would go sit down somewhere. This happened in 2009! Get over it. Everyone else has!

  2. I don’t think she has to let anything go. Kanye was wrong and she doesn’t want him to do it again. And she isn’t crazy for preparing for another outburst, considering how mental Kanye still acts now. Look at how he acted towards the pap that asked Kim about Reggie. He clearly does not have it all.

  3. Girl BYE! Taylor, you are one of the most overhyped chicks in the business. I don’t even care that you sold one millions records in one week. It doesn’t change that you have no real talent and you should really humble yourself. People have moved on. Please get a clue.

  4. She didn’t want any trash around her. Can’t say I blame her either. These fools don’t even pay for their ice cream. lol

  5. LMAO y’all can be so damn fickle. Any other day, y’all would be dragging Kim and ‘Ye, but now y’all are on their side because y’all don’t like Taylor. Y’all are a mess.

  6. I don’t understand why folks are mad at Taylor for trying to keep herself from getting embarrassed again. I’d do the same thing too. Y’all know Yeezy doesn’t have it all.

  7. Smart girl. Let’s not forget that Kanye is still an emotional jerk. Not much has changed since 2009. He’s also an attention whore, currently dating another attention whore. She did the right thing.

  8. I also think she needs to move on. I doubt Kanye would do that twice when he caught so much flack for it the first time. Even Obama called him a jackass for doing that.

  9. For a young artist accepting one of their first (and most important) awards to be totally embarassed and humiliated on tv, I’d say she’s within her right to make such requests. It doesn’t have anything to do with her status or being a diva. If she doesn’t want to be around him she doesn’t have to be, and considering his behavior and antics, I wouldn’t want to either.
    By the way, Taylor does not suck. And before you overanalytical people try to dissect that, I am far from a “fan” of hers. I just know good music, and she isn’t as bad as people make her out to be. More than anything else, I think people just don’t like her claim to fame that came about from Kanye’s outburst. But hell, even that wasn’t her fault. It’s not that deep. Live and let live.

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