Kevin Clash’s, Voice Actor of Elmo, Accuser Retracts Statements

By: A.J. Niles

To the much delight of Kevin Clash, the Sesame Street puppeteer behind the popular Elmo character, his accuser appears to have retracted his statements about the entire situation.

According to

 In a statement released this evening (November 13) by his attorneys, the unidentified male acknowledged he was of age at the time of the relationship: ‘He wants it to be known that his sexual relationship with Mr. Clash was an adult consensual relationship.’

The attorneys went on to say that they would not comment further on the situation. In a statement of his own, Kevin Clash expressed relief over the new development and also wants to put the allegations behind him. ‘I am relieved that this painful allegation has been put to rest. I will not discuss it further.’

It was reported earlier that Kevin Clash, who has voiced Elmo for over the last 28 years, has been accused of having sex with an person under the age of 18. The reports surfaced earlier this year and Clash denied this situation from the beginning. He also stated that their the sexual relationship was between two consenting adults.

Clash is currently on a leave of absence from Sesame Street and other duties related to Sesame Workshop.


  1. This whole event is shameful. This reeks of other situations that have been beaten like a dead horse in the media over the past 3 – 5 years in Atlanta.

  2. Funny how Romney couldn’t successfully take big bird away now all of a sudden Elmo is being lied on. No one had a problem with sesame street before dang let big bird and Elmo remain what kids love to watch this is sad

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