LeBron James Makes Fun of Dwyane Wade’s Skinny Jeans

dwyane wade

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It’s always been understood that Dwyane Wade has rather interesting fashion taste among his colleagues. Wade doesn’t seem to ever limit himself when it comes to style, as he has no qualms with trying looks that would make the hardest of thugs a little uncomfortable. But that hasn’t slowed Wade down any, not even that time he caused a bit of controversy on Intsagram for uploading photos of one of his pedicures, that pretty much just consisted of black toe nail polish. It was then that many people questioned whether or not society was ready for it’s biggest NBA stars to rock toe nail polish. But Dwyane Wade maintains that he’s confident enough in his sexuality to rock whatever he pleases, black toe nail polish included. I mean he is dating one of the prettiest black actresses in Hollywood currently, so perhaps he really doesn’t have much reason to be too concerned with the eyebrows raised.

Well it appears that LeBron James still isn’t a fan of Wade’s fashion taste. On Twitter the other night, James made fun of his teammate for rocking some rather tight skinny jeans.

He tweets:

lebron james twitter

Hilarity. What say you? Are these jeans a little bit too tight for your liking? Would you have a problem if your man rocked these? Speak on it.


  1. I don’t like a man to weak skinny jeans. I understand a man’s sexuality isn’t always a reflection of his clothes, but seriosuly, it’s really a feminine look to me. So naturally, it turns me off. I don’t want your jeans hanging off your a– though either.

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