Solange Knowles Has to Remove Her Afro Wig in Embarrassing Airport Pat Down

solange knowles afro wig

By: Taren Vaughan

Did Solange Knowlesafro wig get her a pat down in a Florida airport? Although the younger sister of pop sensation Beyonce’ Knowles, Solange Knowles has found her own place in the biz. Singing, acting and now a DJ, Solange has tried her hand at numerous things, even when it comes down to the hairstyles that she wears, Solange Knowles’ afro wig being one of her latest do’s. And while Solange is managing to find her own success, she still continues to draw comparisons to her big sister which she admitted doesn’t bother her much. As the Beyonce’ comparisons may not irritate her, people talking slick about President Obama and pinning her as the spokesperson for natural hair sure does ruffle her feathers much as Solange has been very vocal about both things. Although she does not think of herself as the spokesperson for women with natural hair, Solo takes much pride in hers as she continues to remain relaxer free. When she’s not rockin’ her own natural head of hair, Solange can be spotted wearing afro wigs, sticking to the natural look that she has had going on a for a minute now. As Solange probably never thought of her afro wig as a place to stash things, security at a Florida airport apparently did as they gave Solange Knowles’ afro wig a full fledged pat down:

Singer-turned-Dj Solange Knowles faced a humiliating pat down at a Florida airport on Wednesday (14Nov12) after security guards demanded to search her afro wig.

Beyonce’s younger sister was on her way to board a flight out of Miami when she was asked to remove her hairpiece to prove she wasn’t hiding any prohibited items under the afro.

A stunned Knowles later took to her blog to share her astonishment with fans, posting a link to a 2011 news article about a woman who was subjected to similar treatment by Transport Security Administration (TSA) officials at an airport in Atlanta, Georgia.

Alongside the website address, she tweeted, “I kid you not. This just happened to me.”

She later added, “Discrim-FRO-nation (sic). My hair is not a storage drawer. Although, guess I couuld (sic) hide a joint up in here.”

However, Knowles refused to let the incident upset her and instead had a little Twitter fun with her followers by playing a game she called, “What did TSA find in Solange’s Fro?”.

What do you think about the pat down Solo’s afro got? Was airport security just doing their job or did they go a little too far?


    1. You need to work on your trolling. It’s sloppy. Black women don’t get perms, we get relaxers. At least get that part right.

  1. You mean she to tell me she didn’t get the Beyonce treatment? Bey walks right through, right on pass security. #oops

  2. To answer the question posed on the blog, yes I think they took it too far. With all the machines you walk through to detect items, in addition to having to get pat down by an TSA member should there be any further suspicions, I think that having her take it off completely was uncalled for. I recall going trough TSA when I had Senegalese twists a few months ago, and I was simply asked to lift my braids up. Despite all that, I think she handled this well. Those type experiences are more offensive than humiliating though.

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