Star Jones Goes After Stacey Dash For Endorsing Mitt Romney

star jones

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Now that the Election season is over, and President Obama has won a second term in the White House, many people have ceased their political talk. But unfortunately for actress Stacey Dash, she may not ever be able to separate herself from that infamous Mitt Romney endorsement that might have caused her some fans and even some future work in Hollywood. Just last month, the actress made headlines for endorsing Mitt Romney for president on Twitter with an accompanying swimsuit photo shoot. And a lot of people were furious, especially since Dash maintained that Romney was the best candidate for “our future.” Ever since Dash made her political beliefs public, she’s been a target by plenty of other black celebrities and Obama supporters. Most notably, it would be Vivica Fox and Kimora Lee Simmons who would snatch her wig and throw it to the heavens.

Although Dash’s candidate of choice lost, she still maintains her stance on the subject and even wrote some long winded letter explaining once again why she was endorsing Romney.

Well I guess Star Jones can add her name to the list of black celebs going for Dash’s throat on her political beliefs.

In a recent interview on the Wendy Williams Show that aired yesterday, Jones took Dash to school on Romney’s policies and why she was foolish to support him.

She says:

“I encourage African-Americans, brown people to be involved in politics, because you know I encourage you to be a part of both national parties. But if you have a vagina, brown skin, and a brain, I don’t see how you could have endorsed Romney. Romney-Ryan was against health, voter suppression, and every major policy flipped throughout the campaign. So, you do you, endorse who your gonna endorse, but understand, I’m gonna come for it.”


Watch the clip here:


  1. I mean the FOOL did have a right to vote for whomever she decided. On my ballot after clearly bubbling in “OBAMA” I put a backslash (/) and wrote Clinton name next to it!

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