Chris Brown Gets into it with Blogger Perez Hilton

chris brown

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chris Brown was doing so well with keeping his Twitter rants and beefs to a minimum. But lately, the singer is back to holding nothing back and doing candid interviews and speaking his mind on the social networks. Since breaking up with Karrueche Tran and sparking back up a “friendship” again with ex girlfriend Rihanna, the singer has been a headline favorite for the last few weeks as many continue to speculate who he’s really dating. In the meantime, Chris has had his own controversies that aren’t pertaining to his love life, like that whole Halloween costume fiasco, that pretty much ended with Chris telling all his critics, “F-ck you.”

Last night, Chris Brown performed at the AMAs. And although Chris was said to have put on a great show, critics alleged that the singer lip synched during his entire performance.

Popular celebrity blogger Perez Hilton must have agreed because he wrote a post that alleged that the singer did not provide any real live vocals during the performance. Chris Brown got wind of Perez’s criticisms, and had a rather interesting answer for the blogger.

The singer took to his Instagram account to let Perez know how he felt about his opinion, or his lack of care for his opinions rather.

Perez tweets:

chris brown lip syncing

And Chris claps back:

chris brown and perez hilton beef

And of course, Perez had to respond:

chris brown perez hilton


  1. Perez is right though. If you don’t care, why take the time to respond? He needs a reality check. What happened in 2009 should have been one, but thanks to Rihanna having no kind of backbone, it wasn’t.

  2. Not sure why he got mad. It’s common knowledge that he lip syncs for all his performances. He could change that but he doesn’t want to. So he can’t be salty when someone brings it up.

  3. Rule one of being famous is having thick skin and not responding to everything that is said about you. How is Chris this far along into the game and still doing this kind of stuff?

  4. Yeah Chris, it’s clear you don’t give a f-ck because if you did, you’d learn how to be an all around performer and stop lip syncing all the damn time.

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