Did Draya Michele & Iggy Azalea Shade “Regular Folks?”


By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Basketball Wives LA star Draya Michele isn’t a stranger to controversy. Even though Draya has her stint on the VH1 reality show and spin off to Basketball Wives Miami, it’s not unusual for her to get caught up in some real life drama too. As the ex girlfriend of R&B singer Chris Brown, Draya has been linked to some pretty explosive rumors post her relationship with Chris. One rumor that has been circulating for quite some time is that she was engaging in crazy bedroom antics with Chris and Karrueche Tran while the singer dated Tran. Although Draya did officially deny the claims in an interview, it didn’t stop people from speculating the true nature of her close friendship with Karrueche.

And then there are Draya’s Twitter beefs and Twitter rants. She’s been rumored of shading Rihanna a few times while Karrueche and Rihanna beefed over Chris Brown, and she’s also had to defend her up and down love life on the social network too.

So it comes as no surprise that she once again caused some controversy the other day when she involved herself in a rant by one of T.I’s up and coming artists, controversial white female rapper Iggy Azalea.

Azalea isn’t a big name female rapper yet, but she does hack a knack of making headlines for beefing with other rap newbie Azealia Banks, as well as those pesky rumors that she’s having an affair with T.I.

Regardless, Iggy took to her Twitter account to rant about her life problems and her struggles, and of course Draya cosigned. However, the tweet pissed off one of Iggy’s followers. After the follower told Iggy that she has no right to complain because she has money and it’s the regular people who are really struggling, Iggy went completely off. And once again, Draya cosigned, which caused a lot of her fans to take issue with the reality star.

Here’ s the tweet exchange:

iggy and draya tweet

Some folks were feeling some kind of way about Iggy and Draya’s response. To these people, it sounded like they were putting down the “regular” folks. In fact, the exchange caused Draya to lose some fans:

draya iggy tweets


  1. I wish these reality hoez would stop feeling themselves. These chicks have absolutely NO TALENT. They should be humbled that they even got on TV in the first place. And Iggy needs to sit her wack a– down. She will never be a star. Maybe that’s the struggle she’s referring to.

  2. Why do they assume that everyone who isn’t famous are on some reality show is broke? There’s “regular” people making more money than these fools. A lot of rappers. athletes, singers. reality broads. etc, aren’t really balling like that anyway.

  3. Both of these chicks need to have a stadium of seats. They are not even real celebs, nor do they make the kind of money that they can call anyone else broke.

  4. Delusional much? Neither one of them even have a decent net worth at this point, so that means they are just one step away from being broke themselves.

    1. Agreed. I’m not cosigning Draya or Iggy, but she was wrong for tweeting Iggy that. But everyone has problems. Even rich and famous people. She needed to be put in her place to some degree, maybe not as harshly, but it needed to happen.

  5. LOL I see most of y’all don’t plan to acknowledge that ole girl came at Iggy very reckless. She popped off and got handled appropriately in my opinion.

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