Porsha Stewart Calls Kenya Moore a Washed Up Diva

porsha stewart

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kenya Moore and Porsha Stewart are still going back and forth with insults after the two had a disagreement at Porsha’s charity event. Although the event was meant to be a positive occasion, all hell broke lose after Porsha accidentally referred to Kenya as Miss America versus Miss USA, a title she won in 1993. Kenya felt like the mishap was intended shade, and got up and left the event promptly. Porsha and Kenya then proceeded to get into an argument outside of the event when Porsha went outside to talk to Kenya about what happened inside the event. Both have been shading each other and namecalling ever since.

Just a couple of days after Kenya explained her side of the story and called Porsha out for being a “gold digger,” Porsha gives her account as to what went wrong at the event. And according to Porsha, Kenya’s behavior can solely be blamed for bitterness.

Porsha also claims she got bad vibes from Kenya the day she met her.

She writes on her Bravo blog:

I was so excited and had such high expectations for my lunch date with Ms. Kenya Moore. As a child I looked up to her when she won the title of Miss USA, chosen to represent black women all over the USA. Continuing with the same admiration I previously held for her, I asked her to join me and 30 women. She was joining an impressive guest list of other celebrated women, some of whom have their own respective charities as well as successful business owners.

From the first moment I sat down in front of Kenya I felt a huge rush of negative energy, and it actually stopped me in my tracks for a moment. She who was once a beautiful and admirable lady whom I was anxious to meet had become a cold, bitter shell of a woman. She was so cold to me from the jump! I didn’t want to even ask her to join me after meeting her, but I know that I can come across as such a burst of energy. I kept thinking maybe she was having a bad day and the chip on her shoulder isn’t about me. I gave her the benefit of the doubt.

Porsha says calling her “Miss America” really wasn’t intentional, but she feels Kenya wanted a reason to cause problems at the event:

I decided to make a speech and thank all of the women in the room for supporting me and my family’s foundation. During the speech I was overcome with emotion and opened my eyes to discover Kenya texting and rolling her eyes. I thought to myself, it looks like this child just needs some attention…LOL! So I decided to recognize her only to make a fraudulent slip and say Miss America (falls off the tongue so nicely LOL). Anyway, all hell broke loose. She snaps her weave ponytail and corrects me, I then immediately apologize, only to be given a deadly look of despise. I’m thinking, girl, get over yourself! We are at a charity event for children, who don’t even have food to eat or sufficient supplies to be successful at school. Why are you about to go H.A.M. over a title that you no longer even hold? Girl, stop!

I felt as if she had been waiting on the perfect moment to create a scene and show out. Well, I wasn’t having it! I wanted to stop any kind of washed up diva antics that she was about to display. So then she leaves and goes outside and tells her friend she is going to meet another guest…a male guest at that. I’m now feeling disrespected 10 times over. How dare you reluctantly come to this event knowing you could care less for any of the children it will support? And now you are outside causing a huge scene! I immediately felt as if I needed to squash the issue so I went to check on her to see if she was OK.

In Porsha’s opinion, Kenya was more of a distraction to the event than a guest. So she thought it was best that she didn’t return:

Even after my second apology, she was still mad. At that point, her presence was more a distraction and her negativity was putting a dark cloud over the event. I felt it best she leave. Thank you! She then tells me I’m just waiting on a friend, I’m coming back in. I then let her know she was no longer welcome. I could not believe I would have to resort to kicking out “Miss Whatever She Was a Hundred Years Ago.” I never thought that she would have been so classless as to bring drama to my grandfather’s home and take away the focus from the children.


  1. Reading this makes me think Porsha may not be cut out for RHOA. But then I remember how spineless Kandi is, so maybe it will work out for her.

  2. She may need to take some “shading” lessons from Cynthia but I do agree with her. Everyone keeps saying it on here…Kenya Moore is washed up! That is why all she talks about is being Miss USA 20 years ago!

  3. Porsha is a pretty girl who has a lot of things Kenya wished she had. But Kenya’s attitude is too stank for her to have those things. I’m shocked she hasn’t run her current boyfriend off yet.

    1. I don’t think it is an act. I’ve heard people say she is rude and a b-tch before she even got on RHOA. Just sayin.

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