R. Kelly’s Ex Wife Andrea Set to Write Tell-All Book

andrea kelly

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R. Kelly’s ex wife Andrea Kelly has made a name for herself in dance, but now she’s a star in her own right thanks to her stint on the VH1 reality television show Hollywood Exes. Before the show, most people had no clue that R. Kelly was even married. However, the troubles the two had in their marriage has been document through a series of protective orders that suggested that R.Kelly could have been abusive. Now that the two are divorced, Andrea is taking steps to find her own identity and go after her own dreams separate from being a mother and ex wife. It appears that one of Andrea’s other professional goals include writing a book, but according to reports, this one will be a tell-all.

Andrea Kelly is currently writing a book that chronicles her time as the wife of R. Kelly. The book, entitled Life Under the Red Carpet: My Life As R. Kelly’s Wife, has been speculated to address R. Kelly’s numerous legal troubles and allegations of him sleeping with underage girls.

Unfortunately for those looking for the revelation of juicy details of R. Kelly’s life, it sounds like this “tell-all” won’t be addressing the things people really want to know. In short, it doesn’t seem like this tell-all will tell all, if any.

Andrea tells HipHollywood:

“It’s not juice and grease, it’s really a self-help book for women. It’s really teaching women about how to get back to the true essence of who you are. If all this should go away at the end of the day, who are you?”

Perhaps Andrea’s book won’t be juicy because she’s still trying to keep a cordial relationship with the singer. When asked if she’s still on cordial terms with R. Kelly, she says:

“We have to be. We are. This is the father of my children, and we have to compromise, and we have to make it work for them.”


    1. I’m really not throwing shade but I didn’t know who the hell she was until she did this show. Like whenever she speaks about how she goes out and all she is known for is being R Kelly’s wife, I’m liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike, I didn’t even know R Kelly was married! But whatever, I love her personality.

  1. I know she has some dirt but she’s not trying to get on bad terms with R. Kelly. I just wish she wouldn’t go around calling this a tell-all and getting folks all hype for nothing. LOL

  2. How is she going to write a self help book when she’s still trying to find herself too? She’s asking other women to ask themselves who they are but she is still running around with her ex’s last name. I mean she’s not really in the place to be giving life advice right now.

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