Swizz Beatz Shades Mashonda

swizz beatz and alicia keys

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

And the beef between Alicia Keys, Swizz Beatz, and Mashonda is back on. Late last week, comments made by Alicia Keys regarding Mashonda’s claims of her alleged homewrecking past spread to the urban gossip blogs. Apparently, Alicia once again addressed the rumors that she started dating Swizz Beatz while he was married to Mashonda in a recent interview with Jet Magazine. The rumors were alleged by Mashonda, who gave a series of interviews a few years ago regarding the end of her marriage to Swizz Beatz. Although Swizz and Alicia have continuously denied the claims, Mashonda says she and Swizz were still married, yet separated and working on their marriage when Alicia began sleeping with the producer.

Mashonda did respond to Alicia’s recent comments, and tweeted some cryptic messages on her Twitter account. And according to her tweets, Mashonda claims that Alicia Keys is lying and Swizz Beatz’s former wife is sticking to her claims that he and Alicia Keys had an affair while he was supposed to be married.

Not one to hold his tongue on his Twitter account or be above any shade throwing, the producer posted a couple of cryptic tweets himself after Mashonda expressed her feelings about Alicia Keys’ interview. And it appears that Swizz thinks Mashonda is nothing but a jealous hater who needs to keep her mouth shut.

He tweets:

swizz beatz and mashonda twitter

swizz beatz and mashonda twitter

Sure, these tweets could be innocent, but considering the timing (these were tweeted after Mashonda’s rants) and Swizz’s past of Twitter rants and shading, it probably isn’t.


  1. How classy. Mashonda needs to be thanking God that her marriage to this buzzard is over. Looking like Toucan Sam and trying to shade someone. Please.

  2. No he didn’t say don’t bite the hand that feed you? I think Alicia is in more of a position to make that statement Swizz.

  3. I can’t believe he and Alicia really think they have the right to shade Mashonda when they are the ones who had the affair! They are so tacky and trashy to me. And Mashonda doesn’t need to hate on two people who can’t even start a relationship on the right terms.

  4. Shade away Swizz BEAKZ. But Mashonda already spilled the tea on you and Alicia. You can try to make her look bad, but you and Alicia look WORST. I wonder if he even takes care of that other baby he had when he was supposed to be in love with Alicia Keys.

  5. I’m not sure why Swizz keeps on suggesting that anyone needs to be jealous of him and his homewrecking a– wife. Every time I see them, I think “infidelity” and “whores.” That’s nothing to hate on.

  6. SMH. And this is who Alicia Keys is in love with? She’s got some pretty low standards. But hey, she also sleeps with married men apparently, so she obviously doesn’t have the highest standards.

    1. Agreed. And I used to have so much respect for Alicia Keys. But how are you going to make women empowerment songs and you’re sleeping with another woman’s husband? And as nasty as Swizz has been to Mashonda on Twitter, I can’t support either one of them.

  7. So he’s basically going to pull the same move his wife did and shade the person they did wrong. That’s a really selfish and immature move. I guess they really do deserve each other.

  8. Welp. I know I won’t be buying another Alicia Keys album. I was trying to give her and Swizz the benefit of the doubt, but this just really turned me off. Not to mention her really arrogant comments in Jet. I’m done.

  9. No need for Mashonda to worry because it won’t be long before Gonzo does the same thing to her that he did to Mashonda because the same way Alicia got him will be the same way she loses him, or vice versa. I think Alicia said it best herself, KARMA!!!

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