Steve Harvey Says He Wasn’t a Faithful Man Until He Met His Third Wife

steve harvey and wife majorie

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Steve Harvey has created a media empire with his relationship advice, which pretty much began with his bestseller book Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man. The book, which features advice in a series of common sense tips of how to date men, flew off book shelves as women everywhere began to view the book as the gospel of how to understand men. The book became so successful that it was eventually turned into a hit movie, and Steve not not only has a radio show, but he also nabbed a daytime talk show on television, in which he continues to give relationship advice to women who feel like they can’t understand men enough to date them, as well as discuss other popular topics.

But it would be Steve’s second wife Mary Shakelford who would bring up Steve’s past relationship failures that caused some people to become skeptical of Steve’s “relationship guru” status.

A couple of years ago, his ex wife Mary Shakelford claimed that Steve cheated on her multiple times, and used his money and power to not only put her out of the house, but keep the kids away from her. Steve denied the accusations originally, but they lingered throughout the success of his book and film. And Steve has been answering back to the critics ever since. Eventually, the comedian did admit that he had not been faithful in his marriage to Mary.

But Steve says that doesn’t make his advice any less true or helpful, and the comedian says that despite his past, he has changed for the better.

And in a recent interview with People, he said it is his current and third wife Marjorie Harvey that made him want to change and become a better man. In fact, it wasn’t until he met her that he had ever been faithful to any woman.

He says:

“The Lord saved my soul. Marjorie saved my life. You’ve got to be in a bad relationship to really understand what a great one is. Marjorie changed the way I existed. I’d never been in a healthy adult relationship. I’d never been loyal, I’d never been fully respected.”

Steve thinks that people can change and also learn new behavior in relationships, despite their cheating pasts. Do you agree? Leave your thoughts below in the comment section.


  1. People can change, but that doesn’t mean they need to be giving out relationship advice. He’s been married 3 times! I don’t want to hear anything he has to say.

    1. An interesting sernierio in response to your comment, if a crook told you how to get rich honestly, would you listen to their advice? I don’t disagree with your opinion about his cheating however he gives good common sense advice about relationships and finance. Had the women he cheated on followed his advice he’s giving they themselves may not have been bitter ex’s now. Just a different way to look at his situation.

  2. People can change. That’s a fact. But they have to want to. If they are changing for anyone but themselves, they won’t be successful. But as far as Steve goes, I think he’s a snake. I think he used black women to make money and I don’t look to him for relationship advice.

  3. Meh, I doubt he’s changed any. His rep isn’t that great honestly. Not to mention he stabbed his good friend Bernie Mac in the back before he did over a movie role. I don’t trust anything this guy says.

  4. so what he really meant is it took a younger, freakier, woman to make him do right? How long will that last though? lol please.

    1. Third wife is younger? She’s the same age as he is only 8 years older than she is. That’s not really consider “younger” when they’re both 50+.

  5. The way he did his last wife tells me he hasn’t changed all that much. But he has to have a certain image to keep selling books and keep people listening to his show.

  6. Didn’t his current wife used to date drug dealers? She could probably pay some folks to “off” him if he steps out on her. That’s why he’s really faithful. LOL.

  7. “You’ve got to be in a bad relationship to know what a good one is.” Well, how bad could it have been if you got married TWICE?! They couldn’t have been that bad, and I don’t feel he’s taking ownership for the roles HE played in the demise of his previous marriages. People just throw humility out the window when they think they’ve made it. He needs to sit somewhere with a muzzle on when it comes to his own personal relationships.

  8. “You’ve got to be in a bad relationship to really understand what a great one is. Marjorie changed the way I existed. I’d never been in a healthy adult relationship. I’d never been loyal, I’d never been fully respected.” Steve, it takes two to make a relationship work and both of you have to give each other the respect and love. If both of your previous marriages were not great or healthy, why did you go before GOD and get married? Stop talking bullsh-t and be real with yourself.

  9. Steve Harvey can provide advice because he made so many mistakes in his past relationships. I think he learned a few lessons, I would consider what he has to say. If Steve haven’t changed it will eventually come out. He can lie all day to us but you cannot fool GOD…God know your heart. I’ll be praying for you Mr.Harvey.

  10. I too think Steve Harvey is a snake. I watch
    family fued because I lke the show. He is an entertainer . I would not spend a dime to see him. If he dose not come on TV he won’t be seen by me. What people do in their private life is their business, but whn you decide to tell other people how to run their life you should make sure your closet is reasonably clean.. Can Steve Harvey say that. I also agree he made his money with the help of black women.

  11. You better believe he’ll receive all he dished out back. Karma, Reaping what you sow, and whatever you want to call it! It’s coming back around like a boomerang.

  12. Of Couse you would think he is phony. What do you know most of you on here? You don’t know this man’s life like any other celebrity. All I know is he writes excellent books so good most dog men don’t like them because he tells how men really think. The players can’t do the things they want to women. Just because he shows most women how to get a good man don’t hate. I think he found his true love. I think men can change and women too. Like he said there is only one person that can change a person. I can agree to that I use to be a player but I found that one and now I don’t cheat anymore its hard sometimes but I don’t that person brings out the best in you that’s why he is so successful.

  13. Steve is a human being and human beings are well known to hypocritical and stupid. That being said, he deserves no more or less scrutiny that given to any other human being, despite his fame. Some people are indiscriminate and unfaithful to the ones they love and care about. Some humans have self control and balance when it comes to love. For any person to judge without knowing the private intricacies of another person’s relationships, past history, and personal struggles, is nonsensical. Mind your own business. Respect persons that respect you. And leave Steve Harvey alone to make peace with himself and his actions. Isn’t that a human right? He’s funny, he makes people laugh, he has contributed to society, and will leave a great legacy someday. As far as his inequities with past lovers or wives or whomever goes, that is between himself and his past relations. I give him credit for at least acknowledging the need and desire to grow and maybe refrain from redoing past mistakes. That alone should be enough to let the matter go. Don’t forget that the women he supposedly did wrong to also had choices that they made to get involved with an untrustworthy man. I don’t see any comments about them taking their own responsibility for their participation in the menagerie that can be claimed as victim-hood now.

    1. At times when you get or meet someone they put their best actions forward and then the go out and cheat. However, I feel that he should apologize to the Ladies he’s done wrong, I feel that he continues to rub it in their faces, and giving his present with Marjorie all of the Glory, when in fact it was his second wife who stood by him and stood by his side. Nevertheless, I feel that he should apologize to them publically, and I feel that would help those who he has hurt. Moreover, I do believe that people can change, and I pray that he has, but he just goes overboard at times, and perhaps that’s what rubs people the wrong way.

  14. I had this discussion with my sister before because she sympathizes with the heartbreak and bitterness of Steve’s Ex wife Mary and her version of the story. My Sister sees Steve as A Big Bad Man with big dollars to buy off the Judge/Courts to leave Mary broke & homeless. I feel bad for Mary but it’s time to let it go after 10 years and Let GOD make her successful and take her eyes of Steve… He might have been wrong to, but He is Not 100% wrong for everything and shouldn’t be demonized cause he the one with Big Money, Big Money doesn’t always equal EVIL… I think he has changed and still has more changing to do… He is not obligated to take care of Mary anymore. He has their son and the son seems to be doing well. Steve admits to his wrongs that doesn’t mean he owes the world repentance, that’s between him and GOD… it’s 2015 ten years later and Mary still stewing over Steve… Bitterness/Slander/Revenge is just as much Sin as Adultery is to GOD. IT IS ALL THE SAME only people put weight to what sin is worst than the other. Steve did foul cheating but so has Mary wanting to take he down, it’s time TO MOVE ON AND BE FORGIVEN….

  15. I Agree with the premise that people can change, I think far too often men and women only want you to stay in the relationship and be miserable with them. Misery loves company. Some men have settled and some women have as well. They cheat for various reasons, I do think that if you cheat you should leave and if you stop cheating it may just be because you have found someone you always wanted in the embodies, all the attributes, physically, spiritually,emotionally that you were looking for before you settled. There is a difference between love and in love. I think sometimes women and men hold on as if it is a game and make moving on from a break up or divorce impossible or living hell.. Move on and know your worth

  16. Yes, I feel for Mary. It must be hard to hear Steve talking about Marjorie making him want to change. It sounds like he’s saying that Mary didn’t do enough to keep him from cheating. The way I see it no one can make someone change unless they are ready. I think Mary pushed Steve to change for the better by letting him go.It served as a wake up call and then came Marjorie.I feel Mary might think she made a mistake, but I don’t think so because it sounds like Steve was not ready to change and she would have continued to suffer with his infidelity issues. In my opinion Mary did the right thing by walking away from a toxic relationship. No money in the world is worth your dignity and sanity.Wish both Mary and Steve the best of luck in their new chapter of their lives..

  17. I also think Steve Harvey is a phony. When I saw him on Ellen and they started talking about Marjorie, Steve said, “..she is the prettiest woman I have ever had and I finally got it right.” After he made that statement on live tv, I lost respect for him. How could you say something like that when you have a children by your former wives.

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