Kim Zolciak Goes After NeNe Leakes & Confirms New Spin off Show

By: Taren Vaughan

So was Kim Zolciak really fired from Real Housewives of Atlanta? Kim Zolciak returned for the fifth season of the hit reality TV show, along with her former friend NeNe Leakes, who she can’t seem to get along with, Kandi Burruss also not being too fond of Kim at this point either. As both Kim and Kandi spoke on their beef with each other, Kim Zolciak getting fired from Real Housewives of Atlanta was something that viewers have turned their attention to for the moment, and of course Kim’s ongoing beef with NeNe Leakes as well. Since the airing of this season, the beef between Kim and NeNe has resurfaced, NeNe claiming to give Kim no more than a “Hello” when they cross paths. Kim herself even alluded to the fact that she was uncomfortable being around NeNe. And things got even more heated between the two after NeNe attempted to blast Kim, NeNe saying that Kim was lying about why she was leaving the show. Highly irritated about NeNe calling her a liar, Kim Zolciak took to her Twitter account to shut down all the talk about her being fired from Real Housewives of Atlanta. Kim says that she was absolutely not given the boot by the producers of RHOA and that in fact, she is set to have a new spinoff show of her own:

And shades NeNe for hating on her:



  1. Ok. I’m going to say this and I’m not trying to offend, but I’m really starting to think they keep giving Kim these shows and special treatment because she’s a white woman. It’s like they are scared they will lose viewers by getting completely rid of the only white chick on RHOA. Sheree was way more interesting than Kim, why didn’t she get her own show? Either way, I doubt I’ll be watching this. #BS

    1. Truth! And they are probably looking for a new white chick to replace Kim with for the next season too. I think the possibility of an all black cast scares Bravo.

  2. So is this the real reason she married Kroy, for a spin off? Kroy may be in the NFL but I’ve learned from watching ESPN that does NOT mean he has money like that. If he did have money like that, he wouldn’t have Kim keep doing these shows. They must need the money.

  3. Not a Kim fan, but she does have a fan base. People do want to see her on TV. Her spin off show for her wedding had good ratings. This will also keep her fans from giving up on RHOA. Bravo made the smart move.

  4. I actually use to like Kim she was my favorite. I loved the way she dressed and use guys for there money lol her story line was the most intresting to me. But after watching all the racist and condesending remarks she mad about Kandi she lost a fan in me. She better hope they put her in the same time line as Vincent and Tamr where their is absolutely nothing else on then MAYBE just MAYBE I’ll watch. but even then I doubt it.

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