Two More Accusers Come Forward Against Elmo Voice Actor, Kevin Clash

By: Taren Vaughan

Will Kevin Clash, Voice of Elmo, be arrested? Things just continue to get crazier for Voice Actor Kevin Clash. It all started a few weeks ago when Clash was accused of having sexual relations with an underage boy. The alleged victim shortly retracted the statements that he made about Clash, eventually recanting his initial story. And things didn’t stop there as another accuser came forward with similar claims, driving Clash to resign from his position. To make things even worse for Clash, two more accusers have now stepped forward, claiming that they too had sexual relationships with the voice actor as young boys. However, because all of Clash’s accusers were too delayed with bringing forth their allegations, Kevin Clash will not face prosecution according to the NY Post:

Both of Clash’s accusers — criminal-psychology student Cecil Singleton and aspiring model Sheldon Stephens — came forward too late for their allegations to be prosecuted, according to state law.

The same goes for two unnamed accusers who are reaching out to authorities, according to sources familiar with their allegations.

That’s four potential statutory-sex-charge bullets dodged by the Elmo puppeteer.

“The police told me it was out of their hands,” Singleton told The Post of meeting with Special Victims Unit cops this week.

“They said if it were up to them, they would have arrested him already,” if it weren’t for the statute of limitations, he added.

Both Singleton, of Harlem, and Stephens, of Harrisburg, Pa., are 24 years old, and missed the prosecution deadlines by a couple of months, although officials could potentially still use their accounts for sentencing purposes if there is a future prosecution.

Under state law, child sex-assault victims have from age 18 to age 23 to bring their cases; past that, prosecution is barred by a statute of limitations.

“I think he deserves to go to prison,” said Singleton, who says he was in his mid-teens when he met Clash on a gay-chat site.

Singleton has filed a $5 million federal lawsuit against Clash, but said yesterday that all he really wants is for Clash to apologize publicly to his victims and promise to never work around minors again.

“That was his primary motivation in coming forward,” said his lawyer, Jeff Herman. “To expose a truth, protect kids, and pave the way for other victims in this case and in general to come forward.”



    1. True. I think I’m over it. If he did it, I hope the accusers get some kind of justice but I’m about tired of hearing about it now.

  1. This reminds me of the whole Tiger Woods incident. One person comes forward, and then there was new one coming out every day. I’m glad he quit his Sesame Street gig. This is just too much.

  2. Elmo must make a lot of money the way these dudes keep on popping up. If he did what they claim he did, I kind of wish they would have went to the police when it was occurring.

  3. I’m pretty sure this is all about money. They never wanted to press charges, they just want some cash. I know that’s not a popular thing to say but it’s the damn truth. The man lost his job but only money will be enough to make these guys go away.

  4. 2 sides to every story…..But, no adult male or female should engage sex with minors…..did he know they were minors?????? I see teenagers all the time looking & acting older….In this case I believe it’s all about the $$$$$…….

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