Cynthia Bailey Calls Phaedra Parks Out for Being Sneaky

By: Taren Vaughan

Cynthia Bailey confronts Phaedra Parks over butt dialing comments?  Cynthia Bailey has become much feistier on this season of Real Housewives of Atlanta. And it has led to her getting into a continuous beef with newcomer to the show Kenya Moore. As Cynthia has made it no secret that Kenya is not one of her favorite people and wastes no time pulling Kenya’s card, that doesn’t mean that she is opposed to calling out others as well for their negative comments about her, including Phaedra Parks. Phaedra accidently butt dialed a mutual friend of hers and Cynthia’s and was caught saying some pretty unpleasant things about the model. Cynthia decided to confront Phaedra about what she said was told during a sit-down that they had at a restaurant. The conversation started off on a pleasant note, Cynthia offering Phaedra a gift for Baby Ayden. And they starting talking about how Ayden’s birthday party turned out. Not long into it though, Cynthia went on to inform Phaedra that she heard a recorded voice message of her dropping “F” bombs and claiming that she could care less if Cynthia came to the party or not.

Phaedra’s butt dialed voicemail about Cynthia:

“Cynthia was like: I gotta go out of town’. But I really don’t give a f*ck about her coming.”

Phaedra denied making the comments and told Cynthia that she should know that she does not use foul language like that:

“I don’t think you’ve ever heard me drop the F-bomb so whoever told you that is trippin’. I don’t know about all that conversation ’cause, I don’t know about it. But I don’t recall it happening. ”

When Cynthia offered to let Phaedra hear the message, Phaedra quickly turned the attention to her itchy boob:

“Okay, y’all my boob is really itching, like something bit me.”



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