Elmo Voice Actor Kevin Clash’s First Accuser Says He’s Been Treated Unfairly By the Media

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The scandal on Sesame Street should have came to an end when Elmo voice actor Kevin Clash confirmed that he would be leaving the children’s show, but instead, more accusers have come forward. Although Kevin Clash originally denied the accusations, his first accuser Sheldon Stephens alleges that he did have an inappropriate sexual relationship with Clash while he was 16. Stephens eventually retracted the accusations, but then days later, recanted his recant. The young man stated that his change of heart came from a desire to clear his name and reports also suggested that he decided to forgo the alleged settlement offered by Clash’s attorneys.

While the accusations began to float around multiple media sources, it was also reported that Stephens has a criminal past and some even speculated that his accusations against Kevin Clash were all about money.

Well Stephens says he feels like the media has treated him unfairly, and he’s not a bad person who is looking for some kind of pay out.

In a recent interview with The Insider, he says:

“I would like to say my name has been unfairly dragged through the media and it kind of made me look like a monster. The whole world reacted in such a negative way. And they haven’t really gotten a chance to know who I am and to even ask the right questions to figure out what kind of person I am. Rather, they reacted off of hearsay and rumors and speculation of the whole situation. The biggest misconception of me is that I am a liar, an extortionist.”


Watch the clip below:


  1. LOL I am confused as to why he thinks he needs to be giving interviews! Sat down and take your little settlement money dear.

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