Chris Brown Gets into Profanity Laced Showdown With Writer, Deletes Twitter Account

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chris Brown’s Twitter account continues to be one of the most entertaining celeb accounts a person can follow. Chris Brown had yet another Twitter rant last night and this time it was with Comedic Writer Jenny Johnson. Apparently, Jenny Johnson replied rather harshly to one of Chris’ tweets, therefore launching some sort of Twitter war between the two. Many profanity laced insults were traded back and forth, and of course both Breezy and Jenny Johnson had supporters who felt it was necessary to wage in on the beef. Ironically, just one day before the epic Twitter showdown, Rihanna made headlines for tweeting a picture of a shirtless Chris Brown in bed. Immediately, Twitter erupted, with the blogs following suit for what many perceived to be as a not so discrete confirmation that Chris Brown and Rihanna are back together.

Although Chris ended up deleting most of the tweets that directly responded to Jenny Johnson, the tweets he did manage to keep on his account were pretty harsh.

But Jenny Johnson’s taunting of Chris was just as harsh too.

Peep some of the exchange (read from the bottom up):

writer chris brown twitter beef

writer chris brown tweets

To be fair, the writer Jenny Johnson did start the exchange by tweeting the insult to Brown. And some are even claiming that Johnson tweeting insults to Brown is a regular occurrence. So much so that they feel he just finally snapped after never responding to any of the previous insults. I guess Rihanna agrees with that sentiment, since she tweeted a screenshot of all of Johnson’s past tweets to Chris. And of course, all of them were insults:


Rihanna promptly deleted the tweet and photo from her Instagram account, but Chris had more to say before he deleted his account (read from the bottom up):

chris brown angry tweets


Chris did manage to leave a final message for his fans too:

“To teambreezy… Know that I’m not upset. Just felt like entertaining the ignorance. These b*tches crazy..Further proved my point of how immature society is. #CarpeDiem…Catch me in traffic…”


  1. I saw this when it was going down and it was crazy. But when she tweeted him that link to the police report, it was wrap. That was my first time reading it and it just made me angry. I can’t believe he did all of that to Rihanna and she actually took him back. Dude had her whole mouth full of blood and slammed her head into the car window several times. He punched her in the face, mouth, and eyes REPEATEDLY. As mad as people are at Chris for that, they ought to be more angry with Rihanna for going back to someone who would do that to her and then he told her he was going to beat her up more when they get home. There is nothing “cute” about them being together. SMH.

  2. This is just pathetic. WTH is his management? Did they just give up and decide to let him run free again? All he had to do was hit the block button and keep it moving. The writer got exactly what she wanted, a reaction! Now she looks like the victim and he again looks like an aggressor towards women. Major fail.

  3. And look at Rihanna enabling him and making excuses for his poor behavior again. That’s the saddest thing about all of it. She thinks it’s okay for him to behave the way he does. It’s not. Not everyone is going to like you. There’s not a single famous person who does not get trolled on twitter. Suck it up and block them. It’s really that simple.

  4. Man if you’re going to go toe to toe with a comic writer, you need to be witty in your comebacks. Chris just came off ghetto and ignorant. And his fans only made it worse. Most of them can’t even put an entire sentence together. That’s not a good look. LOL.

  5. She shouldn’t have came after him! She’s a bully and the whole thing happened in 2009!!!! Let it go people!!!

    1. Good! I’m glad he got bullied. Now he sees what it feels like. Only a bully would get a woman in a car and nearly beat her to death. Let’s not forget that Rihanna wasn’t ok with what happened to her the night it happened. That’s why she was screaming for help so loud the neighbors had to call the cops.

  6. And it’s ish like this that keeps people from forgiving him about what happened with Rihanna. If you say you had counseling and yo’veu changed, you can’t do stuff like this, even when you’re being taunted. He makes it too easy for the media.

  7. The ironic thing is that he called the writer ignorant. Did he not read his own tweets or those of Team Breezy? :-/

  8. Honestly, there’s no going back for Chris at this point. Too many bad things have happened since the whole thing with Rihanna, so he’s never going to anything else but a thug in some people’s eyes. But what I do see happening is that all of this will eventually change how people see Rihanna. She’s obviously going to keeping taking up for him and making excuses for his bad behavior and her image will take a hit because of it. She’s on top now but being back with Chris guarantees that won’t last very long. Enjoy the number one album Rih, the clock is ticking. IJS.

  9. Chris Brown loses again. He couldn’t take the criticism and then deleted his account like a b-tch. But the writer is still on there taking Team Breezy’s lame a– insults and laughing at them. He tweeted that he wins but he actually loses a lot in life. He’s going to ruin Rihanna’s career too. Watch.

  10. Chris needs to stay his a– off Twitter. He obviously cannot handle people going in on him nor does he know how to use the block button. Soooo he doesn’t need to be on there anymore. But I’m sure he’ll get back on because he loves the attention. #shrugs

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