Jennifer Williams’ Ex Husband Eric Williams Flirts With Royce Reed

royce reed

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Royce Reed may no longer be on Basketball Wives anymore, but that doesn’t mean her life still doesn’t consist of a bit of controversy and drama. Her love life in itself has been a rather rocky one, with her last public relationship with NFL wide receiver Dezmon Briscoe ending in a cheating scandal that pretty much consisted mostly of Twitter rants and angry groupies. Although Royce recently hinted that she was back on with Briscoe, it looks like she might be attracting the attention of a messy ex husband and retired NBA player. Eric Williams, the ex husband to Royce’s former cast member on Basketball Wives Jennifer Williams, overstepped his boundaries the other day when he flirted with her on Twitter.

Apparently, he’s quite smitten with Royce’s new Avi:

royce reed

He compliments her and then appears to make passes at her. Peep the exchange:

royce reed eric williams

Eric has a reputation of being vindictive on Twitter, so for all we know, he probably was just attempting to once again get under Jennifer Williams’ skin. He surely tried to when the whole thing went down between Chad and Evelyn, and then again when he aired all their divorce issues on Twitter to upset her.

In related news, Royce is allegedly requesting that her NBA ex Dwight Howard pay for her legal fees in the nasty custody battle the two have been engaged in for quite some time over their son. TMZ claims the fees are over $100 K.


  1. I don’t think Jenn is checking for him at this point. He must be lonely. I mean isn’t he broke now? It’s not like the groupies are lining up anymore.

  2. Eric is so wack and desperate for attention. His thirsty a– needs to take a cue from Breezy to get off Twitter too.

  3. Very messy but Eric doesn’t know how to function any other way. I will never forget that time he threw drinks in Jen’s face on national TV. He’s a disgrace of a man.

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