Karrine Steffans Says the Stars of Basketball Wives LA Used Her for Ratings

By: Taren Vaughan

Karrine Steffans officially clearing up Basketball Wives LA rumors? Karrine Steffans aka “Superhead” is most known for spilling the beans about the “relationships” that she has had with various celebrity men in the industry, many of them including professional basketball players and music artists. And she went on to write books that dished all of the dirty secrets that were attempted to be kept hidden from the media and her life as a video vixen.  Since the release of her books, Karrine Steffans had fallen back from the spotlight for awhile. But now her name has recently become apart of some Basketball Wives gossip as it was said that she was on her way to becoming a reality TV show personality. Supposedly, Karrine was going to be added to the cast of Basketball Wives LA. Once she heard the gossip bit about her, Karrine promptly shut down the rumors via Twitter. The video vixen was not done there though as she had way more to say about the rumor and how it even came about. Speaking with VIBE Vixen, Karrine addressed the BBWLA rumors again, officially making it clear that she is not about to be apart of the cast:

“No, I’m not going to be on the show.”

And Karrine talks about how she thinks the rumor got started, saying that a current cast member from the show told popular urban blog MediaTakeOut that she was going to be added to the cast as a way to get more people to tune in to the show:

“Someone told me that a cast member went to MediaTakeout and told them I was going to be on the show as a ploy to boost ratings because it was losing so much hype. So I called a particular cast member who I heard spread the rumor and she’s been dodging me which is weird.”

Karrine was if asked she thought Jackie Christie was the one who pitched the story to MTO and was asked whether or not her and Jackie were friends with each other, Karrine also adding that this is not the first time she has been rumored to be joining the cast:

“[Laughs] I’m not going to say, but I called a particular cast member to ask. This is the second time that they’ve done that. The first time was for the first season. When I call her, no answer. Text message, no answer. Called her again, no answer.”

Karrine was also asked if she would ever consider becoming apart of the reality TV show. And she says that she would never do it because the show is not something that she can call her own:

“No, never. I don’t own the show, and I always remember and apply something that Magic Johnson taught me years ago—power is in ownership. If I don’t own it, I don’t want to be a part of it.”

But says that she has made an appearance in the past and didn’t find any enjoyment in it:

“Yes, that was enough. I didn’t particularly like the experience. After I was on the show, there was a strange string of events. I started getting phone calls from people on the show and saying things like, “After you left, such and such said this and that about you.””

Because to Karrine, her being added to the show would cause nothing but extra drama for her. And she wasn’t down for that:

“Exactly. ‘The such and such sisters didn’t like you.’ I’m not interested in drama. All my friends are men, so I don’t do the catty things that girls do. One of the main reasons why I wouldn’t be part of an ensemble cast full of women because it’s just not what I do. I don’t hang out with women in my real life and I don’t want to do it on television.”



  1. The show just needs to be cancelled. If you need Superhead to make people watch your show, you need to be taken off the air ASAP. Shaunie just needs to go away all together. All her shows are horrible.

  2. “All my friends are men, so I don’t do the catty things that girls do”.

    All your friends are men because you are a self proclaimed ho…..I doubt any woman of substance would even want to be your friend……..

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