Chris Brown and Rihanna Want You to Know They Are Together


By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

I think we’ve all pretty much established that Chris Brown and Rihanna are back together. The controversial love birds have made that clear several times in the last few days on Instagram. As we previously reported, neither wanted to confirm anything to the media for career reasons, however, they have instead opted to tease everyone with their Instagram accounts. Of course the rekindled relationship isn’t without its critics, as fans and those in the media have expressed that it doesn’t send a good message for Rihanna to go back to the man who assaulted her in 2009 near point of death, at least according to the official police report. And amidst their relationship, there’s that public break up Chris had with Karrueche, and the seemingly appearance that Chris was seeing Rihanna and Karrueche at the same time at one point. Although Chris still claims that he is not a player, many still opt to the see the singer in that light. Besides the Rihanna fans who happen to be pro “Chrihanna,” Rihanna’s career has already taken some hits since she’s gotten back together with Chris. Just recently, some of her own staff members went to the press and claimed the singer is spiraling out of control so bad that she’s hard to work with. Apparently most of her staff is said to be looking for new jobs, and they blame her behavior on her rekindled romance with Brown. Then there’s the reports that suggest Rihanna’s management is so turned off by her relationship with Brown that they are in the process of replacing her with Rita Ora. And Ora just also snatched up a movie role from Rihanna as well.

Regardless, Rihanna is posting more “sexy” pictures of herself, posing in jewelry Chris bought her and showing her affection. And it now appears Chris has decided to send a message to those who claimed Rihanna is making herself look stupid since he’s posting nothing about her own his own Instagram account. This morning he posted a picture of himself and Rihanna having what appears to be a bonding “smoke session.” Peep it:

chris brown and rihanna instagram

Although there were many fans happy about this, of course there were some that weren’t. But this one takes the cake:

rihanna and chris brown instagram

We’re honestly not sure what Chris and Rihanna are trying to prove with all of this recent Instagram activity (we’re sure they want attention though), but it sure is entertaining.


  1. They are wack. It’s obvious they are more in love with attention than they are with each other. Wow great, a picture of two crackheads smoking together. How cute.

  2. But I thought it was nobody’s bidness?! Either you want the world in your business or you don’t! And if you don’t, stop posting every single intimate moment on Instagram. They ain’t nothing but two children.

  3. Rihanna is so transparent. I agree with the fan, she told him to do this because people were clowning her about Chris NEVER mentioning her on his IG account. She’s so insecure that it’s pathetic. She wants to pretend she’s such a bad a–. but a bad a– wouldn’t go back to the guy who beat her a–. She’d get a better man who has more to offer than public breakdowns. Matt Kemp was the best she could have done and she messed that up and went back to Chris. There’s nothing bad or boss about Rihanna. She’s such a joke. And they both look like crackheads in this picture.

  4. I’m happy they’re back together. They are the new Bobby and Whitney and I’m going to enjoy watching the impending train wreck! Bring on the f-ckery!

  5. SMH…the two are nuts. I believe that gossip the other day. I know the music executives can’t wait to get rid of Rihanna. She thinks she’s untouchable, but she’ll see like they all do who go against the establishment.

  6. Idiots. Both of them. I wouldn’t miss up my money or career for nobody. If a relationship is worth it, it wouldn’t destroy you like this one has the both of them. Rihanna hasn’t been right since Chris went upside her head. He’ll finish off her career like she did his though. I see you Chris.

  7. How old are these fools? 12? I hate when grown folks feel so insecure with their relationships that they need to post about it on Instagram all the time.

  8. Shout out to the Rihanna fans that think this girl is irreplaceable. Know that Roc Nation will replace her with Rita Ora and Rih ain’t selling enough albums for her to be an international pop star. How did she not even crack 300,000 her first week?! Exactly. There will be another Rihanna and they will discard her like trash just like every other artist who thinks they cannot be touched. And I won’t miss her. I’m tired of her talentless behind.

  9. its crazy how everyone is a relationship expert. Let the people live their life. how does it affect you? She chose to be happy. Everyone want her to walk around with hate in her because of the incident. Hate will eat you up. inside. It take a strong person to forgive ,but a weak person cannot forgive.. she moved on with her life why all you people getting bitter over it. What he did was wrong, but its not like he was beating her every day. we all do dumb shyt when we were teenager. the difference is we were not the Truman show they are. they incident was for everyone to see. We have Tommy lee,Charlie sheen and many other white boys who hit women and none of them was crucify like Chris Brown. They did it as an adult he did it as a kid, but we all want to lynch him.
    They had to get back together. they have unfinished business. they were kept apart by the judge and public opinion. If it works out good for them if not at least they will have closure something they never had the last time.

    1. What you will not do is minimize what Chris did to Rihanna. He almost killed her. He choked her until she almost died. He took his hand and slammed her head into the window repeatedly. He punched her in the mouth until her mouth got full with blood. He gave her two black eyes and bit her ears. She screamed for him to stop and he continued to punch her in the face. He then told her he would beat her more when they got home and that he would kill her. She screamed and he ran off and left her on the side of the road. And various reports stated he has done this to her before. All of what I just said was in the police report. My biggest problem with you fans is how you try to minimize this and bring up other people like Charlie Sheen, who I also do not support in any shape or form. It’s disgusting how people like yourself defend what Chris did and it speaks to what’s wrong with you young people. And Chris still has issues. He still curses people out and disrespects women! He snatched a fan’s phone and threw it out of his car. He curses out people who asks for autographs. He’s mean and people like you and his mom think it’s ok. And that’s why he will never get better. Rihanna only went back because she is like every other victim who needs to be beaten numerous times before they get it or get killed. And no one made them put their business on the street. As long as they get on Instagram and post every little detail about their relationship, people can say what they want. They are the ones who keep choosing to let the world in their disgusting relationship. I’m no relationship expert, but I know exactly what happens to women like Rihanna and it ain’t pretty. I’m glad most of the people on here have some sense though. You’re just the typical fan who makes excuses for disgusting behavior because hey, you think Rihanna is so pretty and cool. If she was a normal female, you’d scream for Breezy’s head. Sad.

    2. Xedos, please go away and go to a blog for immature little children like yourself. Your comment is sick. This gossip/urban blog is for grown ups. Hit that x in the corner. Thanks.

    3. Xedos: “It’s not like he was beating her everyday.” >>>>> You are sick!!!!!! You must be one of Rihanna retarded fans!!!! Just gross! Do yall see this dumb a– comment?!!!

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