Too Soon? Rihanna and Chris Brown Are Already Having Relationship Problems


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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chris Brown and Rihanna still haven’t confirmed that they are back together, but after some recent pictures posted on Rihanna’s Instagram account, it kind of just seemed obvious that the two singers have rekindled their romance. While it’s still rumored that Chris’ other ex girlfriend Karrueche Tran is still in the picture and even one half of Chris’ stylist team, the “Chrihanna” fans have made it clear that they are happy that the former couple is taking another stab at their romantic relationship. Still both singers continue to claim they are just working on their “friendship,” while their Instagram accounts say otherwise.

Well the happy reunion might have been short-lived because it seems as if only a couple of weeks into the rekindled romance, Chris posted a few photos of other women on his Instagram account. The singer is currently in Amsterdam touring, but decided to post a couple of photos of other women who were clearly not Rihanna, and simply referred to them as “beautiful women” in the caption.

We can only assume that Rihanna didn’t appreciate that very much because the very next photos she posted were some obvious shade. Of course all of this was done while fans and haters of both singers looked on and posted their opinions.

Here’s the pictures that started the drama:

chris brown instagram girls rihanna

chris brown instagram girls rihanna 2

Rihanna responded with some shade. First she implied that the girls were basic, then she shaded Brown about being selfish:

rihanna instagram chris brown caption

Uh oh.


  1. LMAO!!!!! I guess she thought things would be different. No ma’am. And there will be more groupies from here Rihanna, trust me. You wanted him back so bad, now you got him and all his issues. Ha!

  2. She was so busy trying to rub everything in Karrueche’s face that she didn’t notice that he hasn’t really changed much. But everyone else could see that already after he acted a plum fool on twitter the other day. She’ll keep holding on though like the weak female she is.

  3. Did Rihanna really just call other chicks basic? But she went back to the guy who punched her face in. Only basic b-tches go back to that sh-t.

  4. Rihanna is so childish and lame to me. I can’t believe she has so many fans. If she was a real G, she wouldn’t have to do all of this. Dump him and upgrade. But we all know she won’t because she’s more basic than the girls in the pics.

    1. I Agree!!!! Those ladies in the pic are beautiful. Nothing is hot about Rihanna and her attitude is the worst.

      I really hope and pray Chris doesn’t put his hands on that girl… They would hang him…..
      He needs to leave her alone now!

  5. Rihanna lets her insecurity show on a daily basis. Karrueche lets her confidence and strength show on a daily basis. I have to say, Karrueche looks like the real winner here. She never got beat up by Chris, got to travel the world and meet celebs, she has her own fashion line, and doesn’t seem to care about Rihanna’s stupid stans. She doesn’t have to deal the stress of dealing with Chris anymore, but keeps all the perks social wise. Paps, celeb friends, etc. But Rihanna is looking stupid right now. Yeah, Kae wins.

  6. Grow up Rihanna. You knew how he was when you were trying to get him from Kae. No sympathy here boo. And we all know there will be many more moments that he will make you look stupid. I’ll have my popcorn ready.

  7. Yall should read what Rihanna’s fans are writing…lol hilarious! They are so mad at Chris. I honestly didn’t think much of it, but Rihanna is so insecure she made an issue out of it. Chick needs to get a grip. She’s too damn possessive, insecure, and controlling.

  8. Too funny. She’s been on IG all day everyday trying to rub stuff in Kae’s face, so I find this hilarious. Your man shouldn’t be posting other chicks on his IG. But whatever, she aint going no where. Smh.

  9. I’m trying to understand why he is uploading pics of other girls to his IG. He is supposed to be in a relationship. I wish my boyfriend would lol!

  10. Rihanna is too controlling and possessive! It wasn’t that damn serious! I told yall she was a basic and insecure bird and this proves it.

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