Trey Songz Talks Wants in a Woman & Almost Makes Fan Pass Out on Wendy Williams

trey songz

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Trey Songz recently sat down to chat it up with Wendy Williams about his upcoming movie The Texas Chainsaw 3D, and of course he also talked about his love life and those recent Grammy nominations he got the other day. Trey Songz has a huge fan base, so it should come as no surprise that the R&B heartthrob almost caused one of his own fans to pass out before he could even get through the first couple of minutes of the interview. After noticing that one of his biggest fans was getting ready to have a nervous breakdown in the audience, the singer took a moment to walk over to her and give her a huge hug. The young woman almost passed out once Trey began to walk back to his chair to finish up his chat with Wendy.

Trey also discussed his love life or lack thereof. When Wendy asked him if he was currently dating anyone, he claimed he was single and it’s mainly due to his hectic schedule. He then went on to say that he hopes to date someone who can handle his intense schedule, especially since she has a career that keeps her busy as well. The last time Trey opened up about his love life in an interview, he ended up confirming that he and Lauren London did date but things just didn’t work out. Despite that, he says they are still good friends. Ironically Lauren London denied a relationship between them ever occurred.

The R&B singer also mentioned his upcoming horror film The Texas Chainsaw 3D. He claims that he doesn’t fall to the typical “Black Man in a Horror Movie Curse” and will last longer than five minutes in the film.

Peep Trey almost causing a young woman to pass out in the audience and the full interview with Wendy below:


  1. Trey Songz is a very handsome dude but any woman who reacts in that way past the age of 17 needs to GET HER LIFE. LOL.

  2. Man it was really serious for her wasn’t it? I hope she wasn’t older than 14. No grown woman needs to act that way over a celeb.

  3. I never saw the hype about this dude…He has the permanent duck face that all these girls have in their Instagram pictures. You know what face I’m talking about. The one where they poke their lips out like idiots? Yeah, that’s Trey’s face 24.7. #ILLPASS

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