Love & Hip Hop’s Joe Budden Kicks Audience Member Out of Show For Tweeting Diss

joe budden

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

As we recently reported, the cast of Season 3 of Love And Hip Hop has been confirmed by VH1, and it was announced that rapper Joe Budden would be joining the ranks to fill the shoes of Stevie J. on the original. Joe Budden is known for being controversial on Twitter and Instagram, but his love life is so ridiculous that it should make for some good reality television. But it looks like the news of him joining the cast of the show might have made him even more of a target for hate tweets, especially since the rapper received so many of them by the same person who was actually in the audience during one of his recent performances that he eventually had security kick the person out the show.

According to Hip Hop Wired, a young woman began tweeting about how ready she was to leave the show and how she only came to accompany a friend. The young woman also made mention of  how low attendance was for the show to her followers. Apparently Joe Budden saw the tweets and asked security to find her and remove her before he would take the stage:

Last night in a performance in Oakland, CA; Joe Budden kicked a fan out of his show for dissing him on Twitter.

“I wish this picture really captured how dead it is in here at this Joe Budden concert,” Twitter user and concert goer Paige S tweeted with this picture. Admittedly, before that tweet and picture was taken she had tweeted numerous times how much she was not looking forward to going to the show and that she was only going to accompany a friend.

She also tweeted a picture of NoDoz accompanied with the caption “for the Budden concert tonight.” According to her tweets, security sought her out before Budden took the stage, stating that he would not take the stage until she was escorted from the concert.


Of course kicking the audience member out of the show didn’t seem to silence her any. After kicking her and the person she was accompanying to the performance, she took another shot at how low the attendance was:


Joe Budden isn’t the only Love And Hip Hop star who had a problem with someone in the audience of a show Tweeting recklessly. Just recently, Love And Hip Hop Atlanta star K. Michelle stopped a performance to tell an audience member who was dissing her on Twitter that she would “kick her a*s.”


  1. To be honest, she shouldn’t have went to the show if she didn’t like him enough to not complain on Twitter every 5 seconds. Yeah he was dramatic for kicking her out, but she was just as dramatic for going just so she could complain on Twitter. Who does that?

  2. Oh yeah, there was also a cr*tch shot of him floating around on the blogs the other day. Let’s say people were not impressed, so he lied and said it was Photoshopped by haters. LOL!

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