Evelyn Lozada & Shaunie O’ Neal Shade Gloria Govan

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By: Taren Vaughan

Did Evelyn Lozada and Shaunie O’Neal check Gloria Govan’s comments about Basketball Wives spin off? The Basketball Wives series first aired on VH1 back in 2010, Shed Media, VH1 and show’s executive producer Shaunie O’Neal said to have been the brains behind the launching of the series. What started off as a reality TV show that was supposed to reflect the lives of women who had romantic, past and present, connections with professional basketball players, shortly turned into one laced with profanity and violence. The ugly turn that Basketball Wives was taking caused Shaunie O’Neal to catch massive amounts of heat from people, Shaunie, and other cast members, constantly finding themselves defending the show and the talk that said that it was a negative portrayal of women, specifically minority women.  Although the show was heavily criticized over the violence that it was promoting, the success that BBW Miami had prompted producers to do a spin off show, Basketball Wives LA.

With a whole new casting line up, BBW fans were looking forward to seeing what the spin off show had to offer and many thought that it would be equally as entertaining to watch as the original show was. That appeared not to be the case though as the ratings for Basketball Wives LA have yet to match those of BBW Miami. And there has even been talk of the show needing to be revamped, an idea that BBW LA’s Laura Govan agreed with and one that has gotten other celebrities names tossed about as future cast members. As Laura may have admitted that the show needed to be altered, her and Shaunie are not on the same page when it comes to who was behind the creation of Basketball Wives LA, Laura claiming that it was her and her sister Gloria Govan who started up the spin off show. Gloria made that clear again this past Monday on the Basketball Wives LA reunion show when she flat out said that she is the reason why there is a Basketball Wives LA. Well Gloria’s comments must not have sat too well with Evelyn as she took to her Twitter account to let everyone know who really is the brains behind everything:



Shaunie cosigned, saying that she feels no need to address “trash”:



  1. Umm, Shaunie needs to stop fronting like she has a big role in what happens to the show because she actually doesn’t. They make decisions without her and I doubt she wanted Laura (the same chick who slept with Shaq while he was married to Shaunie) on the show. But because she’s not anybody important or makes any casting decisions, they put her on the show anyway. Evelyn and Shaunie can both take a seat.

  2. Oh Shaunie please. You didn’t even know that Royce, Jenn, & Kesha got fired. You don’t have a say so in anything ma’am. You pitched an idea and they turned it into something totally different and now you look ratchet. LOL.

  3. I can’t understand why any of them want to take credit for creating this boring a– show. It’s drier than Kim K’s vajayjay.

  4. Is Shaunie scared of the Govan sisters because she never claps back at them directly. There’s no way you would gte caught creeping with my husband and then I would turn around and give you a paycheck. But that’s just me I guess.

  5. But who is Shaunie though? She’s a puppet who has no kind of say so in anything. The show probably was created for Gloria, hell, it’s not like Shaunie would know anyway. She just gets a check and a fake title for coming up with an idea for the show that they half used. Instead of Basketball Wives, what we really have here is Basketball Groupies.

  6. I honestly wish all these groupies would go away and disappear from television completely. BBW is the worst show anyone could have thought of. The fact that Shaunie still has pride in “creating” it says a lot about her character.

  7. Sigh…I really can’t with these chicks anymore. All 3 of them sound stupid trying to talk about who should take credit for one of the worst shows to ever get put on television. Smh.

  8. They all ratchet anyways and 99.9% of the cast members on both shows ain’t even nobody’s wife! So they can all have a seat!

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