Picture of Chris Brown Hanging Out With Karrueche Tran in Paris Hits Twitter

Photo Credit: @karrueche Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chris Brown seems to have it all. Despite reports suggesting that he and Rihanna are back together and working or rekindling their romance after the 2009 assault, Chris seems to still be keeping Karrueche Tran close, even though he broke up with her officially in October. As a result, all three have been said to be in some sort of love triangle, but a source told Urban Belle Magazine recently that Chris Brown isn’t in a relationship with either, and is currently enjoying being single and keeping both close. Chris’ recent trip and performance in Paris has gotten a lot of people talking considering that Karrueche happened to be in Paris the same time Chris was. Not only that, but his rumored boo Rihanna also made her way to Paris as well, so many speculated that it would lead to some kind of messy show down between Rihanna and Karrueche. Regardless of the rumors, it’s been confirmed that Karrueche was there working as one half of Chris’ stylist team, but now reports suggest she was with him in his hotel room and even partying with him at nightclubs in Paris.

Of course Rihanna’s fans were refusing to believe the rumors, but a recent picture proved that Karrueche and Chris were handling more than just business. An onlooker snapped a shot of the former couple exiting the car to enter a club the other night. And of course, it made its rounds on Twitter:


The model sitting next to Karrueche in the picture is telling everyone on Twitter that Chris was treating Karrueche like his girlfriend on the trip, and they even slept in the same room and bed. Interestingly enough, Rihanna (who’s usually very active on Instagram and Twitter) hasn’t tweeted or posted a thing since it’s been confirmed that Karrueche has been kicking it with Chris in Paris. But we expect her to react soon.


  1. And that’s where Chris’ heart really is! Kae is more laid back, she gets along with all of his friends, and people say she’s just more likeable than Rih who has an attitude problem from what I hear. Men don’t like drama. Rihanna is drama. He may be entertaining Rih now but I doubt they will last.

      1. I can tell that you’re young and you probably think like Rihanna. He is only messing with Rihanna for sex and the attention that comes from this whole “Chrihanna” crap. If a man is still keeping his ex around, a woman needs to move on! I don’t care if she’s famous or not, she’s being stupid. Karrueche is not the one that he assaulted and is getting way more perks than Rihanna is from all of this. And she’s doing all of it with a smile and silence. Rih needs to move on.

  2. I’m not sure why Rihanna is still fighting and waiting around on this dude. I really don’t get it. She has fame, lots of money and ample resources but she’s sharing a dude with the same chick she claims is out of her league. If Kae is so out of your league, why is she still around. Rihanna needs to move on and be the bad b-tch she claims she is.

  3. Hell, Rihanna is taking pictures of herself on her knees and making herself look stupid on twitter for this dude, he knows he can do what he wants and she will still want him. So I don’t blame him for not caring anymore. Men treat you how you treat yourself.

  4. This is what happens when you treat relationships, like a competition…you lose. I don’t feel bad for Rihanna. If she was the boss she pretends she is she would have upgraded from Chris and got herself another successful rich, and fine man who she doesn’t have to share with another female in public. She had that with Matt Kemp but dissed him to run around and PLAY with Chris.

  5. I don’t understand why either Rihanna or Kae are okay with this, I get that he is single but he shouldn’t be sleeping with both of them. This is gross.

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