Chris Brown Goes Off on Fans and Haters For Calling Him Too Skinny

Photo Credit: Eva Rinaldi

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chris Brown definitely isn’t one to hold back his opinions and thoughts on the social networks. The R&B singer is currently on tour, but is keeping his fans connected to his every move through his Instagram account. Chris just recently made headlines for going off on a female comedian when she insulted him one too many times on Twitter, and after the incident, the singer promptly deleted his Twitter account. Although he has since reactivated his Twitter account, most of his thoughts and communication with his fans (who he affectionately refers to as Team Breezy) is pretty much done through his Instagram account.

After all the controversy his last Twitter blow up caused him, it appears that Chris really doesn’t seem to be bothered that his every move is a possible headline for the media. So when his fans made it clear how they felt about his “skinny” physique, he had no problem making his feelings clear either. And he did so in a profanity lace “reading” of just about anyone who comments about his body and doesn’t understand that he is actually “healthy.”

After uploading this picture, the singer received mixed responses about his body. While some of his female fans were impressed, there were many who suggested that Chris is “too skinny” or on drugs. Chris responded and dragged anyone who has a problem with his body type.

Here’s the picture that caused the drama:


After some of his fans (and haters) expressed that they thought he was “too skinny,” Chris decided he had enough and the singer proceeded to go completely off in the comment section in a comment he eventually deleted. However, one of his fans took a screenshot and posted it on Instagram before Chris deleted it. He rants:


Photo Credit: @welovchrisbrown


Tell them why you mad Chris.


  1. Take away the curse words, and he has a point. I hate that black people feel like being skinny or smaller is not okay and automatically not healthy. I’m like damn, are we that unhealthy that when we see a healthy person we think something is wrong with THEM and not US? He does look like he’s on drugs though. #justsayin LOL.

    1. True. It must get pretty annoying getting stupid comments from the world all the time too haha Chris looks great btw 🙂

  2. So unnecessary. He gets so many likes and comments that I’m surprised he reads them. It shows you how vain yet insecure celebs are.

    1. Yeah celebs are very sensitive and have huge egos. Most of them read every tweet and comment about them. They live for the public’s opinion/praise. I couldn’t be famous…

  3. I’m sorry, this was hilarious. Chris is a nut. All of this because folks think he needs to eat a ham sammich.

    1. I caught it too but I’ve seen what he’s working with and umm, yeah, I’m too grown to still be using pencils. #yeahthatsshade

  4. Lmao!!!! There was some truth to what he said though but he needs to stop making it so easy for the media to prove that he has anger issues. I mean, he kind of has to stop cursing people out on Twitter and Instagram. LOL.

  5. And this is why I think he will whoop Rihanna’s a– again. All that mouth she has…yeah, he’ll two piece her again early next year. IJS.

  6. I’m not sure why he thought deleting the comment was going to do anything. When you put something on the internet, it’s a wrap. It only takes a second to do a screen shot.

  7. Basically if you’re not light skin/exotical and skinny with the shape of a young boy, Breezy finds you disgusting and unattractive..

    1. Oh, and Rihanna is borderline not his type. She’s always skinnier and without curves when she is messing around with him. She was getting thick when she was with Matt Kemp though. She knows what he likes.

  8. Pathetic. Why does he get so mad about the dumbest things? He’s wired with the emotions of a female. Getting mad over some damn IG comments. Man up Breezy.

  9. I’m convinced women only give him a pass for being disrespectful because he’s light skin and “attractive.” :-/

  10. LOL at this fool calling them super obese. He looks like a crackhead though and I’m referring to his face. It’s mad skinny and off compared to when he was a kid.

  11. He’s an idiot! First he dissed gays and now he’s dissing fat people. I guess he doesn’t want to sell anymore albums cause dissing people won’t make them want to go out and buy your music! I’m glad my fat a** never wasted a penny on one of his albums!

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