Kanye Gets Slammed for His Performance at the Hurricane Sandy Benefit Concert

Photo Credit: Robert Castro

By: Taren Vaughan

Kanye West has remained in the spotlight ever since his musical career jumped off, being introduced to the rap game as Jay-Z’ protégé. And other than the music that he continues to put out, his love life has been something that keeps his name in the press as he is currently dating Kim Kardashian, their relationship being one that draws in much attention. As Kanye and Kim spend a lot of their time together dining out and traveling to different places, the rapper has never shied away from his music, continuing to put on shows for his loyal fans. With one of his most recent performances though, Kanye was performing for a bigger cause. Added to the line up of other musical artists, Kanye performed at a benefit concert for Hurricane Sandy victims that was held at Madison Square Garden in New York on Wednesday. While it is known that Kanye pulls surprising stunts whenever he feels the urge to, his wardrobe choice made it hard for a lot of people to even focus on what he was rapping about. Wearing a black leather skirt up on stage, Kanye West has always been one to test the waters when it comes to his style of fashion so the shock factor was not there for everybody. But as Kanye’s leather skirt was viewed as a fashion fail to many, the show that he put on was just as bad apparently as Kanye has been receiving some rather negative reviews about his performance. From his song selection to his overall stage presence, the audience members were said to just not be feeling ‘Ye that night, and people who peeped the concert didn’t mind letting everyone know just how horrible they thought his portion of it was:

Before all the slaying of her boyfriend went down Wednesday night, Kim Kardashian seemed more than ready to see her boo do his thing:

His fans were probably just as excited as Kim was to see Kanye perform. Unfortunately, that same level of excitement went down pretty quickly from what it seems as Kanye is still getting clowned over his skirt and his performance. We’re thinking Kanye didn’t feel too confident in his performance either considering he slammed the microphone down and stormed off the stage after he wrapped up his set.



Here’ s his performance in full:




  1. This is the Kim Kardashian effect. Any man that dates Kim for an “extended” period of time becomes a failure. He won’t win again until he leaves her.

  2. I hope he was not expecting to see people respond positively to him rocking a leather skirt. He is also not letting those gay rumors quiet down dressing like that either.

  3. This is just why they don’t accept rap/hip hop acts in mainstream concerts for benefits like this. Now those old dudes – The Who, Pink Floyd – I’m sure they gave the best performances a bunch of senior citizens could give and they were better than this has been.

    His performance was weak but his arrogant a– probably thinks he’s supposed to be praised for doing it for free. Just for showing up.

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