Kanye West Stuggles with Ticket Sales

Photo Credit: Jason Persse
Photo Credit: Jason Persse

By: Taren Vaughan

Is Kanye West having problems selling tickets for his upcoming shows? Kanye West dropped his chart-topping debut album College Dropout back in 2004. And from there on, his career took off in a major way and led to him working with a number of heavyweights in the music industry. Kanye grew a sizeable fan base in no time and continued to stay on top as one of the hottest artists out, despite his rather controversial moments that he has every now and then that piss some people off. Hearing what Kanye is able to do with beats and to hear what a finished product of his sounds like after the final touches are added to it, there was no question that Kanye was without a doubt a musical genius. As Kanye West was heavily praised for having a true ear for music and delivering hit records, people aren’t singing the same tune when it comes to him nowadays, a lot of his fans feeling like he has started to fall off, pointing fingers at Kim Kardashian as the one who is responsible for causing Kanye’s career to go downhill. Rumor has it that Kanye is channeling all of his focus and attention to his relationship with Kim and not putting much effort into his music and it is starting to show. And his fans are getting fed up with the live performances that he is putting on too, a lot them getting to the point where they apparently aren’t willing to spend much at all to see him put on a show as supposedly Kanye is having some trouble selling tickets for his upcoming shows in New Jersey according to Rumor Fix:

Is Kim Kardashian ruining Kanye West’s career? That’s the question being asked after a report surfaced that Kanye was offered a large sum of money to appear at New Year’s Eve party, but only if he brought his girlfriend, Kim.

This coupled with lukewarm sales for his compilation album, Cruel Summer, and bizarre performance at the 12/12/12 Benefit Concert, has some thinking Kim is ruining Kanye’s brand. Even the rapper’s peers (Chris Brown, Cam’ron) panned him after he appeared onstage wearing a leather skirt that he probably borrowed from Kim’s closet.

Then there’s the rapper’s three night-stint later this month in Revel Beach, NJ. RumorFix has learned that the rapper has failed to sell-out any of his three shows, and it doesn’t look like he’ll even come close.

As of this morning, there are hundreds of seats still available for concerts on December 28, 29 and 30. By comparison, when Jay-Z announced he would be performing eight shows in Brooklyn earlier this year, all eight shows were completely sold out within a week.

Jay also didn’t list his tickets at exorbitant prices in a state ravaged by a hurricane. Tickets for Kanye’s show range from $110 – $310. Jay, by comparison, listed his tickets at around $40.


Kanye West hasn’t taken a break from making music. But that apparently doesn’t mean that everything that he puts outs is gold as it is thought that him dating Kim may have a lot to do with it. As for this show in particular, the low ticket sales may be due to the cost of the tickets, that seeming to be more of an issue than him dating Kim as Kanye is asking his fans to dig pretty deep into their pockets to see him perform.


  1. He sucks and so does his girlfriend (pun intended for her nasty a–). People don’t want to be pay $100 to see him use auto tune and prance around on stage like a diva.

  2. The tickets cost too much. Kanye is not the kind of artist you spend your rent on. He hasn’t been worthy of the rent for a couple of years.

  3. I don’t know anyone who would pay over $100 to see Kanye perform. His music has been subpar lately, and he’s becoming such an arrogant prick that I don’t even care to buy his albums anymore. Kim is obviously another turn off, but really Kanye just isn’t what he used to be,

  4. Who still likes Kanye like that though? Everyone I know think he’s a joke now. They damn sure won’t be paying that kind of money to see him perform either.

  5. Kim Kardashian ain’t responsible for the tickets being too high. That is Live Nation and to a lesser extent, Def Jam and Jay-Z.

  6. I hope Kanye uses this fall from grace to humble himself and find his sound that so many, including myself gravitated towards.

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